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Reviews of Straw Sippy Cups

BabySugar Diaries: Battle of the Straw Sippy Cups

A big fan of the BornFree Training Cup, I was ready to give the new Twist n Pop Straw Cup ($8) a whirl when it hit my mailbox.

Is it easy for tots to pull water out of it? Yes – almost too easy. The amount of water that came out of each sip was too much for my tot who ended up dribbling most of it out of his mouth.

Did it leak? When turned over (or tossed over the side of the high chair) the cup leaked a significant amount of water. However, when the straw was closed, it held its contents.

Did it live up to the hype? Not quite. The hygienic pop-up straw was easy to twist and effective, but the leaks and rate of flow were overpowering for my year-old son.

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