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Reviews of Straw Sippy Cups

BabySugar Diaries: Battle of the Straw Sippy Cups

I've admired the stainless steel and rubber design of the Safe Sippy for some time, so now that the company has introduced the Safe Sippy 2 Straw Cup ($14) – a cup that converts from a sippy to a straw cup – I couldn't wait to test it out.

Is it easy for tots to pull water out of it? Yes. The harder spout on the cup, gave my lil one something to gnaw on in between sips.

Did it leak? Yes. Though this version of the cup now has a dust cover, it is only that – it covers the spout from dirt. The holes in the lid allow water to leak out when the cup is turned over.

Did it live up to the hype? I loved the stainless steel and rubber design. It kept my tot's beverages cool and kept them from slipping off of the table. However the leaks made it hard for travel.

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