Before you sit down to watch the Super Bowl this afternoon and envision your Pop Warner football playing son becoming the next Tom Brady, read Revolution in the Bleachers (Gotham) $25.

Investigative journalist, Regan McMahon explored "the evolution of youth team sports in America from healthy pastime to the obsessive craze it has become." And, the effects sports have on families as well as the physical and emotional tolls they take on young athletes.

Since Regan grew up playing competitive sports and is the mother of two athletic children, she has a unique perspective and looks at the field from various angles having interviewed experts, doctors, coaches and athletes. To read more about this page turner,


In the book's introduction, the author wrote:

We all know the many benefits of youth sports. But as youth sports have escalated in intensity, competitiveness, time commitment and parent involvement, certain risks are beginning to surface as well, from overuse injuries, stress and depression to inappropriate sideline behavior and fractured family patterns.

Things have gotten out of whack, and it's time to regain our balance. It's time for a revolution in the bleachers.

Revolution in the Bleachers is a must read for parents of athletes. And even if your child isn't old enough to participate in organized sports, it's a great way to get ahead of the game.