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Mommy Dearest: Taking Children on Business Trip

Mommy Dearest,

I have an overseas business trip coming up to a beautiful European city. While I will be working during the day, my evenings and weekends will be free. In the past, I have used this time to sightsee and shop for gifts for my family back home. This time, I'd like to mix work with pleasure and bring my elementary-school-aged kids to experience a new country and culture. My husband would watch the kids during the day and we could take family adventures in the evening. He doesn't like the plan because he thinks a vacation should be free of distractions and that my colleagues will think it's unprofessional. What do you think?

– Jet-Setting Mommy

To see the response from Mommy Dearest,


Jet-Setting Mommy,

Combining business and leisure is not a new concept. Plenty of parents add a few days onto a business trip for a little vacation time in a unique location. Adding kids to this equation can work, if it is done properly. First, you should ask your boss if there's an office policy and abide by it. If it's permissible, you can set up a schedule that provides ample time for you to concentrate on work and then allots for fun periods with the family. Also make sure your spouse is up for the challenge, otherwise it's best to schedule a work-free vacation.

– Mommy Dearest

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Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 7 years
George Bush couldn't take his girls anywhere because all they wanted to do was party and get embarrassing. Well the Bush girls were older and they probably would think it was hella boring (and maybe embarrassing) to go on a business trip with their parents and they were also in college the first 4 years. The Obama girls are at the age where they soak up information and have never been to all of these places. Malia looked so wide-eyed in Paris and Sasha seemed to enjoy the archetiture of the Kremlin. But back to the issue at hand, taking families on business trips is great. I used to go with my family to Orlando while my dad worked for a couple days and then we went shopping or whatever. Family trips are always good.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
we tag along with my husband all the time. it's his business, so there's no issue as to if it's okay. but there have been trips where he has literally not been able to do any vacation stuff. we just accept that and he joins us when he can.
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
I see nothing wrong with this. This is actually educational for the girls. They can see what daddy does as President, view other nations, and while having a short moment of free time, President Obama can vacation with his family, keeping them close the way they should be as not only the first family, but as a family in general. George Bush couldn't take his girls anywhere because all they wanted to do was party and get embarrassing. I think all parents should spend more time with their children today. There are so many bad influences out there now, unlike when I was younger. It was not that bad in my day. Quality time with children while they're young is best in my opinion.
Gruberr1 Gruberr1 7 years
Before children, I frequently traveled internationally and had my husband meet me in the most interesting locations so we could explore and take a few days of vacation. Coincidentally the travel stopped when my son was born, but if I had the opportunity again, I would take him in a flash. I would just try to book a separate flight from my colleagues, so if my son got cranky on the plane, they didn't have to hear it!
FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
I think it's a great idea. It's nice that you don't get to miss out on your family -- and they will also be able to experience a new culture. Sounds fun!
bellaressa bellaressa 7 years
I see nothing wrong with this. My VP has taking her family with us on trips to conferences. She spends time with them in the evening and they have even come with us to dinner with us at least one night on the trip. She has very small children and I think it's a good thing since she travels to be able to spend quality time with her family.
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