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The Right Way to Re-gift

The Right Way to Re-gift

Most of us know the feeling of having too many of something in our homes, whether it's receiving blankets, stuffed animals, or matchbox cars. What better way to make use of these items than to give them to someone who might have a need for them? Circle of Moms member Katherine R. agrees, arguing that if a gift is not to your taste and it's difficult or impossible to return or exchange it, by all means give it to someone who will enjoy it.

When Re-gifting is Okay  and When it's Not

Others believe that re-gifting is tacky, or at least that there are rules you should follow to make it less so. For instance, many Circle of Moms members draw the line at new items only. Becky F. says that if an item has never been opened or used, then it's fair game for re-gifting. As she advises, "Just make sure you don't give it back to the person who gave it to you!" Krista E. adds that the gift should be in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

Other moms take a purely pragmatic approach. For Chatty M., the only rule for re-gifting is that a gift be thoughtful and useful to the person on the receiving end. She's among several moms who say they appreciate a gift of quality kids' clothing and toys, whether the items are brand-spanking-new or not. In our current tough economy and frugal mood, re-gifting gently used items seems to be a growing trend.



Four Ways to Avoid Re-gifting

While it's nearly impossible to escape the holiday season without at least a few contenders for the re-gifting pile, some Circle of Moms members say they'd prefer to not be faced with the dilemma at all. A common complaint is that well-meaning grandparents often buy more toys than kids need or than their homes can accommodate.

One way to cut back on the number of items you'll be tempted to re-gift is to set holiday gift-giving guidelines for family members. Another approach is to dole them out slowly after the holidays. Circle of Moms member Alishia P. keeps some of the holiday stash in storage and brings out a new toy when her kids seem bored. Tabitha H. asks her parents to buy gift cards for the kids, so she can pick out what they specifically need. Still other moms, including Nikole S., ask that grandparents store some of the loot at their homes, so that the kids have toys to play with when they visit.

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Join The Conversation
JennaKing26603 JennaKing26603 5 years
I don't understand why so many are against it. I don't mind receiving something someone else couldn't use or didn't like. As long as it's not used. No sense wasting something that can't be returned.
petronelajohnson petronelajohnson 5 years
i definatly agree with re-gifting ...i dnt mind receiveing a gift which might be useful to me but not to the person whom had it long as it is in good condition i dont see anything wrong with it...but maybe its how i was raised , coming from a poor family i learned to apreciate everything till it couldnt be used anymore...i plan to teach my son same things and maybe his generation will understand why when time comes.
MimiRamirez MimiRamirez 5 years
There is no right way to re-gift in my opinion...
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