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4 Signs You're Burnt Out as a Mom
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Ripley's Fertility Statues Help Women Get Pregnant

Believe It or Not, Ripley's Is Helping Women Get Pregnant

Would you lay your hands on a fertility god in the hope of having a baby? Many women do. According to Ripley Entertainment, more than 2,000 women (including its own employees) claim that rubbing the company's two statues that were carved by an African tribe on the Ivory Coast has aided them in pregnancy. The latest person to come forward is Rachel Taylor of New Jersey. She and her husband were told they had no chance of naturally conceiving a child before she paid a visit to the statues and became pregnant. Her son is due in August.

The works of art are currently on tour, so other aspiring moms can touch them. While it's an interesting phenomenon, sex obviously plays the primary role in becoming biological parents. Do you think stories like these give challenged couples false hopes of having a family?

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