Nine months can seem like a lifetime when you're pregnant. LilSugar reader Beaner is still receiving rude comments as she approaches her due date. She shared the latest remarks in The Pregnancy Posse group.

My belly is huge. It's out there. It's round and full and firm, and I'm loving every inch of it. I'm not however loving the comments about how I'm about to give birth at any minute. I've been hearing comments like this for a couple weeks now:

  • "Please don't get too excited. I wouldn't want you to pop!" — dancing at a bluegrass show
  • "You're not having contractions are you? Is that baby coming right now?!" — at the grocery store, with my hand on my belly, feeling kicks
  • "You're due pretty soon, huh?" And I said, "Not for another two months." And she turned to her husband and said, "Did you hear that? Two more months!" — at a restaurant, comment by some stranger
  • "How much longer are you in misery?" — A fellow mom said this who clearly had horrible pregnancies
  • "That baby must be coming any day now, huh?" And I said, "I have about eight weeks left, so no, not really." And the older man said, "Oh boy. Geez. Well, good luck!" — in a grocery store
  • "You have the cutest basketball belly ever. (this comment was quite welcomed) You're having that baby soon, aren't you?" "In about two months," I say. "Wow. You're already so huge. I can't believe it. You're going to be so incredibly enormous by the end!" — cashier at Costco
  • "When are you due?" "In August," I say. "August! That sucks. You picked a bad time to be this pregnant." — a stranger at my yoga studio

I have a smile on my face, so I'm not sure why everyone thinks that being pregnant is so horrible, especially in the Summer. I'm grateful that I've been feeling amazing, and who cares if it's hot out? That's what AC, swimming, and ice cream are for!

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