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Eat This, Not That: The Expectant Mom's Guide to Safe Summer Eats

Aug 3 2016 - 10:58am

If you're a pregnant mom with Summer plans that are full of barbecues and fun — and, of course, food-filled getaways — then make sure you're playing it safe for you and your unborn child. Here, we break down six Summer eating and drinking scenarios that you're likely to encounter from now through Labor Day, offering smart solutions for moms-to-be. As always, check with your doctor if you have any specific questions or concerns about potentially hazardous eats.

And check out the rest of our tips for surviving a Summer pregnancy [1] here. We know it's hot, but hang in there . . . we're here to help!

At a Backyard Barbecue

Eat This: Grilled shish kebabs with well-cooked chicken and veggies are a satisfying, safe BBQ option.

Not That: While hot dogs that are cooked through to 165°F should be just fine, eliminate the risk of Listeria entirely by passing on them at your next cookout.

Source: Flickr users TheBusyBrain [2] and VoxEfx [3]

At a Rooftop Happy Hour

Drink This: An icy, delicious Sparkling Mint Refresher [4] is so satisfying, you won't envy your cocktail-sipping friends.

Not That: Do we really have to tell you why an alcohol-infused sipper is a bad idea?

Source: Thinkstock [5] and Flickr user Jing-a-ling [6]

At Your Favorite Burger Joint

Eat This: Order your burgers cooked medium to medium-well.

Not That: Inadequately cooked meat is the leading cause of toxoplasmosis, a serious disease that babies can contract in the womb. If you typically order your meat rare or medium-rare, then remember to turn up the temps while you're pregnant.

Source: Cooking With My Kid [7]

At a Waterfront Seafood Spot

Eat This: Fish tacos are usually made with tilapia, cod, or other white fish that's low in mercury, and thereby a smart choice for expectant mamas.

Not That: To prevent harmful bacteria or viruses from affecting you or your baby, avoid raw fish or shellfish like oysters and clams.

Source: Flickr users Nicole Abalde [8] and Dion Hinchcliffe [9]

At an Alfresco Lunch Date

Eat This: Keep your salad safe by making sure that it's free of sprouts (they can contain disease-causing bacteria), unpasteurized cheese, or dressing that has raw egg in it.

Not That: Caesar salad is a no-no during pregnancy, as its dressing contains raw or partially cooked eggs.

Source: Flickr users Wonderlane [10] and Daremoshiranai [11]

At the Office

Drink This: The easiest way to ensure that you'll stay hydrated is by keeping a big bottle of water by your side. Spice things up by adding lemon or cucumber wedges for a flavor boost.

Not That: For many java junkies, iced coffee is the ultimate Summer sipper. While your doc may very well approve a cup or two of coffee a day, make sure that you don't get into the habit of refilling your venti cup all day long and losing track of your caffeine intake.

Source: Flickr users gxgn [12] and joesahfeen [13]

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