You don't have to travel to San Francisco to leave your heart there. As we continue our week of metropolitan non voyages, we head to the city by the Bay where the kids can get in on the West Coast fun.

  • Famous for being just seven by seven square miles, San Francisco is completely walkable. Have your children slip into some comfortable shoes and go for a scenic jaunt.
  • Fisherman's Wharf is a circus unto itself with all of kinds of activities. It's well known for its fresh seafood and sourdough French bread, so see if your local fishmonger has any Dungeness crabs and prep a delicious hands-on meal with the kids.
  • Lombard Street is incredibly crooked, and children love taking the slow ride down the residential street. Recreate a pint sized experience with a crazy course on your driveway for your tots to man their trikes through.
  • Cable cars are moving landmarks that attract tourists and locals alike. Though a ride on the trolleys may be hard to simulate, craft some models out of shoe boxes and other materials.
  • The city is richly diverse and has many cultural neighborhoods including Chinatown, which is the largest one outside of Asia. Set up your own little area with beautiful fans and lanterns and introduce lil ones to dishes like chicken lo mein or pineapple fried rice. Don't forget to have the kids use chopsticks!
  • During the Summer of Love, hippies with flowers in their hair migrated to Haight Street. Celebrate peace, love and happiness by tie dying colorful tees with your tots.
  • From the beat poets to political activists, San Francisco is a place of progressive thought where people are celebrated and appreciated for their unique opinions. Have your children put pen to paper and jot down their ideas in a poem.