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San Francisco to Vote on Circumcision Ban in November

San Francisco to Vote on Circumcision Ban in November

A controversial measure to ban circumcision in San Francisco, which we first wrote about back in March (see A Tough Call: My Son’s Circumcision Story), has received enough signatures to get a spot on the city's ballot in November. The measure would make it a misdemeanor to circumcise a male under the age of 18, with fines of up to $1,000 or one year in jail. Jewish and Muslim communities are lining up to protest the proposed measure, saying a ban on a religious rite is a violation of constitutional rights.

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Should circumcision be banned?

Image Source: Noah Berger / AP

RachelWallace96737 RachelWallace96737 6 years
Its is not just Jewish and Muslims who Protest this measure. I am a Christian, I also have had my boys Circumcised. Beside it being a violation of religious rights, It is just one more right to choose what is best for our children trying to be taken away from parents.
traceymiller95950 traceymiller95950 6 years
i totally am against this "ban" on cicumcism, i didnt have my son done at birth..and now 7 yrs later he is having medical complications from it. his forskin wont retract back, and he barely has a large enough opening too urinate!! my poor baby is schedualed for surgery this next month too have one done for health reasons!! i feel it shouldnt be taken away as a right!!!sometimes it cant be helped and is just medically nessisary!
MelissaM57102 MelissaM57102 6 years
Perhaps its time for religion to update a lil with the times. I mean they are not banning circumcision all together just until the child is 18yrs of age. So I still believe you have religious freedom, just not until the chided can legally make that choice weather or not they want to be part of the religion.
LaressaMarengere LaressaMarengere 6 years
That's weird. Maybe try giving more information to parents before completely outlawing it. When my son was born I talked to various nurses and read all the info they could give me. We had also been studying for months before he was born.
sashatoth sashatoth 6 years
This is PURE bull us and a violation of our civil rights. Thus messing with religious beliefs
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