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Saving Childhood Art, One DVD at a Time

Saving Childhood Art, One DVD at a Time

You love your kids, but you can't keep all their creations. Once your tot reaches the toddler stage, you become inundated with pictures, collages and all the other projects they pack home from daycare or preschool. And, since there's only so much space on the fridge, you need an alternative. ART:archives is a company that digitally preserves and stores your child’s artwork.

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Created by two moms who couldn’t bear to part with their children's masterpieces, ART:archives allows you to send them a set number of pieces that are then transferred into a professional-looking digital presentation which are sent to you on DVD to watch on a TV or computer.

Sending them artwork categorized by school year helps them create a library. Packages start at $275 for 25 pieces of art, and additional DVDs can be purchased.

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lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
we do the digital pix to disk too, and if i can do it anyone can (i'm not exactly tech-ish). hard to believe that there would be anyone other than grandparents who would do this.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
Easy DIY. I take digital photos of my daughters' choice projects and post them to picassa or snapfish. It would be the work of a minute to copy them to DVD. The idea may still work for the digitally challenged with deep pockets.
oostarbubblesoo oostarbubblesoo 9 years
great idea, giant rip off. diy with some blank dvd's and a scanner.
Baluk Baluk 9 years
A bit of a rip off! I scan my children's art when they bring it home. I can rip my DVD if I feel necessary. The components to do this are fairly cheap at home kind of workshop. I wouldn't be buying this!
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
I can see how someone would want to do this but why not just scan the pictures yourself and then burn them on a cd/dvd? Its essentially the same thing, plus I think there is a free video software that you can use to make it a movie if you want the music and all of that jazz. Cool idea but $275 is too rich for my blood. :(
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