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Say Aww: Cutest Bird Parenting Photo

Say Aww: Cutest Bird Parenting Photo

Birds are great moms too! This photo will make your heart melt.

Click on the photo to see a large version.

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LindaRogells LindaRogells 6 years
You had your chance Polly. They're all mine now !
YvonneSingleton YvonneSingleton 6 years
come and have a cuddle I'll keep you warm!
CoMMember13631033087949 CoMMember13631033087949 6 years
Dont worry darling there will always be room for one more!
aartivazirani aartivazirani 6 years
Aww.. so cute, keeping children warm... Thats motherhood! hmm wonder what she would have done if she had 3 kids?
CoMMember13628424712122 CoMMember13628424712122 6 years
I once heard that after a horrible fire, people cleaning up came across a mama bird who had her wings over her babies protecting them. Amazingly, the baby birds were still alive even though the mama was not.
TeresaMowers TeresaMowers 6 years
Terri45541 Terri45541 6 years
Bajo sus dos alas, acurrucaditos duermen Los pajaritos hasta el otro dia... Clasic Spanish lullaby "Los Pollitos dicen pio pio pio" :)
glendoracook glendoracook 6 years
thats so cute
MarianneRiley84678 MarianneRiley84678 6 years
under the wings of Love...
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