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Say Aww...: Twin Babies Have Hilarious Conversation

Say Aww...: Twin Babies Have Hilarious Conversation

There are millions of baby videos on YouTube but here is one that is quite unlike the others! This week, those two adorable twin baby boys have become the latest YouTube sensation, making millions around the world laugh to tears. So what do you think these two cuties are talking about?

Image Source: YouTube

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CoMMember13631165415976 CoMMember13631165415976 5 years
This babies, recently in heaven, are probably talking about matters beyond our understanding.
CoMMember13631165415976 CoMMember13631165415976 5 years
this babies, recently in heaven, are probably talking about matters beyond your earthly understanding.
PatChristiansen PatChristiansen 5 years
Carol... this one is for you! Oh how much fun they must be!
CoMMember13627267704587 CoMMember13627267704587 5 years
smarter than our leaders in washinton
BobbieSimmons835 BobbieSimmons835 5 years
They are precious and I bet they know what they are saying to each other. They truly are happy babies.
CarolynDavis47588 CarolynDavis47588 5 years
Love it! They are so serious about whatever they are talking about, could it be about the missing sock??? LoLz!!!
CoMMember1363116528922 CoMMember1363116528922 5 years
How very cute. My twins are almost 30 and they used to have their own language. When we didn`t know what one said we would ask the other one and he would translate. Very sweet!
NanaMagnuson NanaMagnuson 5 years
This is PRICELESS !!!! lmao ! :)
SabrinaErtzner SabrinaErtzner 5 years
where the one on the rights sock went.
CoMMember136306344566 CoMMember136306344566 5 years
This is so cute!!!
BarbSpangler BarbSpangler 5 years
so adorable!
KimberlyKnight66655 KimberlyKnight66655 5 years
Oh boy does this bring back memories of when my twins were little (now 20)!!!!!!!! Awesome =)
CoMMember13616142783354 CoMMember13616142783354 5 years
Hilarious and adorable! Have spend the last 30 minutes reading about Donald Trump and the validity of Obama's birth cerificate. This conversation makes JUST as much sense to me!
CoMMember13629950048618 CoMMember13629950048618 5 years
looks like they are trying to figure out how to get in the freezer, lol
connieflory connieflory 5 years
love it,so cute
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