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Is It Smug to Say Your Baby Was Born Naturally on the Birth Announcement?

Here's a post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post about announcing your baby's birth.

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving birth announcements? The birth of a precious little baby is always a thing to celebrate. I’ve received blue birth announcements. Pink ones, too. I’ve seen sleeping babies in baskets just like Moses. I’ve cooed over photos of babies with wings as precious as cherubims.

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But is there such a thing as a “smug” birth announcement?

The author of this post really thinks so. New celebrity mom Teresa Palmer of Warm Bodies fame recently shared a photo of the actress holding her son’s tiny hand (also showcasing a hefty ring on her finger) on her Instagram with this caption:


Introducing Bodhi Rain Palmer born safely, lovingly and naturally last night. 8lbs even. Bodhi means “Enlightened one” Rain means “Abundant Blessings From Above…”

The blog poster took offense to the “safely, lovingly and naturally” part of her caption. As if Palmer was flaunting the fact that she had a natural birth. How is it considered smug if she is just stating the facts of how her birth went down?

I’m lost.

I also don’t understand the friction between mothers who have given birth “naturally” and those who haven’t. As a mom who has had one medicated birth, one natural birth in a hospital and four natural homebirths, I’ve had a variety of childbirth experiences. One thing is certain: everyone, no matter their circumstances surrounding labor and childbirth, hopes for a healthy baby. Bottom line–we all want our precious newborn in our arms. There shouldn’t be any judgement about how they got there.

Personally, I was not offended by Palmer’s birth announcement. But why, in 2014, do we still feel the need to stir up mommy wars? I’m a mommy. You’re a mommy. Our kids are beautiful, healthy and strong. That’s all we should be concerned about.

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AndreaWestaby1384189123 AndreaWestaby1384189123 3 years
We moms are so much more judgmental of other moms than the rest of the world! Now, I have had 3 safe births and have 3 healthy kids. But I don't brag about how I had my kids to people. I only post it here to make a point. I have known plenty of people who were VERY smug about the way they gave birth and about how they raise their kids (or, most often, their ONE KID) now. I just think it could be offensive to some poor mother who had a difficult delivery, a C-section, or even had a miscarriage, when a person brags like that. Because the implication often (not always) is that they had a healthier birth because they took the time and care to "make sure" their bodies were somehow healthier and in prime child-bearing condition! (I know this sounds crazy but this is really like the people I've dealt with!) One person I knew was ranting about how they would only have a home birth, and how births are so safe and hardly anyone really needs to go to the hospital for anything pregnancy related. When several people shared their sad stories of how their child would have died for lack of neonatal care, etc...or DID die....the person who was ranting blew up on everyone and accused them of persecuting her for her opinion! A different time a person who is a big nutrition buff wrote VERY smugly that they were proud they had given birth to and raised 3 "healthy and happy kids"...and when I commented that some people's kids weren't healthy and it wasn't necessarily the parents' fault, their reply was "People need to wake up and take responsibility for their lives and their kids' health"....So...that is the attitude some people have. It's like the people who tell cancer victims that if they had just eaten healthier they would not have gotten cancer. Even if it WERE true (and how would that person know? it's just arrogant assumption), what good does it do to bring it up to the sufferer? They should offer them care and support and not just random opinions...and women who have had happy, "natural" births should be supportive of the women who were not able to do so. Nobody wants to hear about how natural and wonderful your birth experience was why brag? It's just rude.
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