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School Bans Teen Mom's Picture From Yearbook

Teen Mom's Picture Banned From High School Yearbook

In what Wheatmore High School officials are calling a "final decision," the North Carolina school has banned a yearbook picture submitted by graduating senior Caitlin Tiller because the picture included Tiller's son, Leelin.

As WGHP (FOX News) reports below, seniors were invited to include something in their pictures that represents an achievement. While some chose pets or instruments, Tiller was photographed with Leelin. She says that being a mom has motivated her not only to finish high school but to also start college early, all while working 30 hours per week and caring for her son. But her high school is concerned that the image will promote teen pregnancy to others and is printing the yearbook without Tiller's picture.

Do you think kids become teen moms because they see other girls doing it?

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KatrinaAmbrozevich KatrinaAmbrozevich 4 years
Of course it doesn't make other kids become teen moms- them opening their legs does that!! Few adults could manage to get a decent education while working 30 hours a week and parenting, so I'd say she has got to have more right than any of the other kids to count what she can do as an achievement! I mean what, it's fine to count being able to keep a hamster alive as an achievement, but not keeping a baby alive?! Not to mention growing him for 9 months then giving birth to him!!
JessicaVincent98990 JessicaVincent98990 4 years
I'm sure most of her peers already know what she's going through, they don't need to be protected from her picture with her son in their yearbook. They know she had a kid, and I bet they see how much struggle it's been for her. Hell, I'm sure a lot of them are proud of her for sticking it out in such a tough situation. I can't imagine that a huge percentage of teenage girls want to have babies just because they see one. Sure, a few do, but give girls in general more credit than that for being able to make informed reproductive decisions.
JenniferBenJamin30800 JenniferBenJamin30800 4 years
Yes some girls yes are that dumb, to want to get pregnant bc they see someone else that makes it look easy (normally happens when the person takes responsibility for themselves and baby) but most just think they are too smart for it to happen to them. This girl is making it work for her and there was no restrictions on the photos to begin with so this should be allowed.
SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 4 years
Babies aren't props.
VeronicaBrown69157 VeronicaBrown69157 4 years
I think the school should have put a restriction of one person per photo. They were reactive rather than proactive in their request. Very short-sighted on their part. I think the problem is not just having them take a picture with their child as their achievement or dare I say, "trophy", but that they should invite a teen mom to speak to gals in a sexual education class about how they get no sleep, they can't go out and party anymore, how they have to spend about $120 in diapers and wipes alone, that they now come last in their life as they see all their friends going out all the time and the the ability to put off the biggest responsibility in the world until they are actually ready. Make them watch 16 and pregnant. They will not see it as so glamorous. They will get a glimpse that they are not babydolls, but actual people that require their full attention. That's what I would do if my school couldn't provide the education that I would want my kid to learn.
BonitaHall BonitaHall 4 years
If they didn't want an "extension" of the student, the shouldn't allow any props! They are just mad that they are she is not ashamed of herself and actually wants to do good for her son.
EmmaFoster85883 EmmaFoster85883 4 years
I agree it's not an ideal situation, but the baby is here now whether people like it or not so there's no point poo pooing about it. At least she's trying to continue her studies and work hard for her and her son. All those of you commenting that its bad to have babies out of wedlock need to grow up....i pretty sure none of you are what society deems as "perfect" and you shouldn't throw stones when your sat in a glass house :p By a VERY PROUD mum in a non-marital HAPPY relationship of 8 years
AndreaKennedy5690 AndreaKennedy5690 4 years
Do I think kids become teen moms because they see other girls doing it? I suppose some might, though if they are it's most likely because they've chanced to witness the high times of some teen mom and aren't there 24/7 to witness the rest of the work that may go into raising a child. As far as this girl's photo not being allowed into the yearbook that seems dumb to me just based on this tiny blurb of an article and the reasons stated. I haven't actually watched any of the shows they seem to have on nowadays (Teen Mom? 16 and Pregnant? Something like that, I've just seen random bits when I check out at the grocery store from the covers of magazines) but if anything is going to romanticize teen pregnancy, it would be these girls getting their 15minutes of fame and money rather than some picture in a yearbook that most people won't look at again by the time summer is over.
Tracebooks Tracebooks 4 years
An answer to the second question: I know in some areas, especially for girls in jr. high where they just aren't old enough to have any maturity of judgement, yes, it can become a fad. Parents don't want to admit it, but girls who were just in elementary school see a slightly older, perhaps slightly prettier (more fashion-aware) girl showing off her new baby, and they see that as a route to popularity. Two different school districts near me had this rash of jr. high pregnancies, and my own niece was the one who told me that the younger girls were seeing teen pregnancy this way and were actively trying to get pregnant. Kind of like wanting the newest iPhone, having a baby was the must-have item. Only they never mentioned this to their parents, because they knew deep-down it wasn't a smart choice. My niece, incidentally, told me because she knew it was a stupid idea and wanted an adult to know. She went to college on scholarships on graduates next year. Several of her friends from jr. high are working on their G.E.D.s and their second or third babies. The first of her friends who got pregnant now has a 9-year-old who thinks his mom is his big sister.
NicoleOsbourneJames NicoleOsbourneJames 4 years
Teen pregnancy is nothing new. I spoke to a grown woman who was a teen mom back in the day (1960s) and the school tried to expel her, saying that she was a bad influence on other girls. She told them that if they were really interested in saving the girls, they ought to expel the boys that were helping them get pregnant in the first place! This woman kept her son, raised him with the support of her parents, finished school and went on to become a co-founded of a national reproductive rights organization.
TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
The question at the end of the article: Do we think that kids become teen moms because they see other girls doing it? No, not at all. Girls become teen moms because they are doing what the other kids in their group are doing and they just think either "it won't happen to me" or "if I get pregnant, I'll just figure it out". It's a disconnect between expectations and reality. I was a mom at 17. I tried to have my pic posted in the yearbook just like this girl but my son was born too late for photo submissions. I commend her for being a mother first (from what this article describes of her).
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 4 years
Obviously being a teen mom was not a bad choice or a mistake for her. Seems like her life is going great. I got knocked up my senior year and and happily married with two children. I went to college full time, worked part time, and we owned two houses before I turned 25. Before my kids I just planned on being a carny. XD Kids can be very motivational. My children have never once been considered mistakes. Now I am a stay at home mom and people constantly gush over how social, intelligent, and well mannered my children are. They are my pride and joy, and I would have taken them to be in the photo as well had I had them before I graduated. This really isn't right if they did not ban it ahead of time. It definitely does not promote teen pregnancy in any way. No teen in the world is going to look at a yearbook photo and decide to get knocked up.
RachelRowlan RachelRowlan 4 years
If this girl did something "shameful," she did the same thing all her friends were doing...she just is the one who got "caught." If, after getting "caught" she were to drop out of high school to take care of her baby, she would be a burden on the system. Since she has stepped up to the plate with more energy than I have and is working her little tushy off, she is encouraging other teens to have babies. Damned if she does and damned of she doesn't. In my opinion, the school should have allowed the photo. That baby is her life and why she works so hard. I know several teens who tried to commit suicide when they found out they were pregnant. She isn't encouraging teens to get pregnant. (Scaring them is more likely.) But she is telling them there is hope in a hard situation. Life isn't over forever to be lived in shame and darkness if you're pregnant and a teenager. I have the incredible blessing of knowing this same girl, only she has a different name and lives in a different location. I am going to her high school graduation next week. She is going to start studying to be a nurse this summer with 15 college credits already under her belt. Not what the world expected from a pregnant 13-year-old. -A Teen Mom Mentor (through YoungLives)
HeatherWilliams51705 HeatherWilliams51705 4 years
Oh..and the whole "seeing it won't make others want to go out and do it" is BS!! Teen pregnancy is being promoted across the US..and its become an epidemic. Girls are seeing it all over and doung it themselves to try to get the attention others have. It needs to be stopped!! Schools used to not allow pregnant teens to allow school during their pregnancy..the girls were shamed and understood that sex before marriage is wrong. Now we have pregnant girls running all over the place with no consequences. Along with the teen mothers are 35 year old grandmothers who don't know how to be a mother let alone an appropriate grandmother..I witness it myself all the time and it needs to stop!! Say what you will but in the end if you are truly honest with yourself you will see just how messed up this country is becoming full of babies having babies having babies. I am so proud that my parents raised me to not be like that and I am raising my daughter the same way. My princess will grow up to be honorable..not a shame to herself and to Heavenly Father =)
AvaMarieVance AvaMarieVance 4 years
I think she's doing a great job in standing up for what she believes in. She is very proud of her baby and for being a mom. There are so many people slandering her for being a teen mom, but it takes two to have a baby. 1 out of 4 high schoolers have sex, so he was one unfortunate one that ended up pregnant. Well good for her for taking a picture of her accomplishment. I think it's great that she wasn't embarrased and didn't care what the world thought of her. That's whats wrong with our world today, we are so worried about what will people think. Who's what she thought and it's between her and God.
HeatherWilliams51705 HeatherWilliams51705 4 years
There are so many things going on in this world that get the attention they do not deserve..and this is definitely one of them!! This girl did something that is shameful and now wants to have it promoted to those that follow her as something good. Schools that do what this school did in allowing pictures including achievements are referring to positive things not what this girl did. Rising above is always good..but she put herself in this situation and should not be commended for it!! Those that believe she has done nothing wrong promote teen pregnancy and pregnancy out of wedlock..they too should be ashamed of themselves. It is people like that who make it difficult to put a stop to this problem because they help it to continue!!
Kiwi859 Kiwi859 4 years
It takes alot to be a mother, God has blessed her with a beautiful son. No matter how the child got here, he is a blessing! She wants everyone to know that she loves her son more than anything by putting that picture in the year book. It's not right that others get to post pictures of them with things that they love , but when it comes to a child it not ok. What is that teaching other teen mothers? Is it teaching them to be ashamed? I pray that every thing in life that she needs will be supplied and that she is successful in all she does, to prove all the people that has something negative to say wrong!
GeorgiaQ GeorgiaQ 4 years
Jenny Busch you should be embarassed about your spelling!!!
janinevaks janinevaks 4 years
Faye Galliart why should she have to have a different photo this is so horrible that they won't put it in the fact that she is doing this with a child is great it shows she is not going to let anything stop her
NikkiPowell1367282054 NikkiPowell1367282054 4 years
she has done a great job doing all them things, teen moms is not something you see and say "self i should be a teen mom" that girl is more like a role model she is working going to school and is a parent to her child just maybe a girl would see that and think if she can do it so can i.
Jessica14452687 Jessica14452687 4 years
That's bullshit. A healthy, happy kid, at any age is one of the greatest accomplishments you could have, and that's not even saying anything for her finishing school and going to college too. Seeing a pregnant teen isn't going to make any other girl want to be a mom, it'd scare them shitless if they actually saw how much work they are. I think it's great that she's taking ownership of her baby and not trying to act like a normal teen while neglecting that responsibility. It shows a lot of maturity and a big heart for her to already know at her young age that her child is the most important part of her life and a priority. Not many teen moms that ive met act like that.
JennyBusch JennyBusch 4 years
She should be imbrassed to advertise that unless she was married, in that case she has a right to make a stink about it. I'm old fashion enough that I hope she's embrassed if she not married!!!!
EricaRosenwald EricaRosenwald 4 years
Was she supposed to pose with a soccer ball or her pet instead of her child? Is having a baby in high school ideal? No, but it happened , he's here & she's worked her butt off to make it. She should be proud. Posing with her son isn't going to make more girls want to get pregnant in high school any more than posing with a soccer ball is going to drive dozens of girls out to the field. Please.
FayeGalliart FayeGalliart 4 years
Include her in the yearbook with a different picture. I am sure there was at least one opportunity between the picture deadline and the "final decision" that the yearbook staff could have taken her picture in a hallway or classroom. Give her the option of dressing up for the picture.
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