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School Bus Driver Kicks Kid Off Bus and Leaves Her With a Stranger

Any parents would be concerned if their child didn't come home from school as expected. But imagine Erika Herrera's horror when she learned that the school bus driver kicked her 5-year-old daughter off the bus because she was ill and left her by the roadside with a stranger. An Orange County Public School representative says the girl, Lena Guzzo-Aguilar, asked to get off the bus. Still, the driver didn't follow proper protocol, which required her to drive to school, and it is unclear whether he notified dispatch of her illness. Nevertheless, Herrera considers herself lucky that the stranger the bus driver left her daughter with was kind enough to walk her home.

To find out what actions the school district is taking against the driver, read the whole story on Huffington Post.

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lisa-jaynedoecke1369109189 lisa-jaynedoecke1369109189 3 years
hope the parents are sueing thats not right at all the bus driver should off made sure she was okay off the bus and then put her back on to go home she 5 for gods sake such a little thing
aimeehoogerwerf aimeehoogerwerf 3 years
I worked on a school bus for 16 years, my mother worked there for 30+ years. If someone ever did that, it would be immediate dismissal from their job. What does common sense tell you? The driver was probably just mad because he or she was gonna have to clean up the mess. Oh well! Goes along with the job. It certainly isn't worth putting a little girl in danger because you are having to clean up something you didn't want to. Grow up! Definitly don't get another job working with kids!!
JaneBorleis JaneBorleis 3 years
Don't jump to conclusions and blame the parents. I can remember getting sick late in the day at school and riding the bus home and getting sick there too. The people I work with take off if their kid is sick and I think a majority of parents do too.
Dee81648 Dee81648 3 years
Put the driver in jail
marie77686 marie77686 3 years
That bus driver placed that child in grave danger, yes resigned or sacked either way that person should never be allowed to do anything for young children let alone own a pet fish, how stupid cold hearted and irresponsible.
Gisel14951925 Gisel14951925 3 years
The sick little girl is actually my daughter's best friend and classmate. The bus driver resigned, I just can't believe how heartless and irresponsible! Don't they have proper training????
sharleenwells1376928957 sharleenwells1376928957 3 years
Only in florida
jasmineLeffler jasmineLeffler 3 years
Parent also have to know if kids are sick don't send them to school.... They both wrong!! Just because you wanted to go to work and sick kids have to go to school...not fare for other kids too...
LauraShone LauraShone 3 years
If he keeps his job and is allowed to continue looking after children then the world has gone mad. Bless the lady for helping the little girl I'm so glad the outcome was good it could have so easily have been different.
NaomiVissersKranz NaomiVissersKranz 3 years
Fire the driver. No question. This man has no business caring for children in any capacity. He has no common sense and no compassion.
missnanny missnanny 3 years
The school rep said the girl asked to get off the bus - and of course - it would be okay to let her? Please. Step up and take responsibility for an action that has no defense. The bus driver should be fired immediately.
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