Pigtails are put up and collars are popped — it's picture day at school! Dressed up in their stain-free tees, moms and dads encourage their little angels to stay clean and smile big for the camera. Regardless of the results, most parents will tell their wee ones how gorgeous they look and frame it for their desk. So how would you feel if someone took your child's image and airbrushed any "imperfections" out of it? That's what happened to one Swedish father. His 3-year-old daughter's preschool image appeared less than perfect to the man behind the lens. Instead of providing the dad with the image captured, he airbrushed the child's scar off her nose. Upset about the unapproved changes, the father said:

It's just not right, it's a sign that people refuse to accept the world as it is and all these problems associated with idealized beauty just seem wrong. They assume that parents don't want scars, but I do. The scar is a part of who she is.

While he may not like it, some parents don't mind when the photographer takes off a scratch on the cheek, a bruised lip or a runny nose. So tell mommy, would you want your child's school photo enhanced or left as-is?

Flickr user Daveynin