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School Pulls Tooth to Keep 10-Year-Old's Hands Out of Mouth

School Pulls Tooth to Keep 10-Year-Old's Hands Out of Mouth

School Pulls Tooth to Keep 10-Year-Old's Hands Out of Mouth

A mom in Framingham, MA., is breathing fire over an incident at Woodrow Wilson Elementary, where her son is a fourth grader. The staff yanked out the 10-year-old's molar and casually reported the incident to his mother by email, after the fact.

The mom, Sabrina Grant, was told by her son's teacher that they took this unusual step because her autistic son, Chris, was overly distracted by a loose tooth. But whoever did the pulling left the loose tooth intact and pulled out one behind it.

Grant has since kept her son out of school and is considering pursuing criminal charges of assault and child abuse.


Has your school ever overstepped its powers in dealing with your kids?

 Read the full story here.

Image Source: Elise Ramsey via Flickr/Creative Commons

ShariKalous ShariKalous 5 years
Unles any of those teachers are qualified as "DENTIST" they got NO business in that childs mouth! I have to give a hands up to this Mom for not putting her fist in that teachers face! I would have! I would have went to jail! Who the hell do these people think they are?!
KylieNelson KylieNelson 5 years
I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of the teacher and more so the school for ALLOWING this to happen. Who cares if her son was distracted by his loose tooth! It's not like he was doing anyone any harm in playing with it. In fact, the more he plays with his tooth, the sooner the darn thing will fall out. The school should be ashamed for allowing one of their educators to act in such an inappropriate way and the mother should pursue legal action against the school for allowing it and the teacher for doing it.
JulieJulie20980 JulieJulie20980 5 years
the mother should have been called before they even touched her sons tooth
CarriePorzadny CarriePorzadny 5 years
I think the teacher is at fault her cause its not a teachers job to pull out a childs tooth its the parents so the teacher should get fired and the mother should press criminal charges cause that was wrong and the school and the teacher are at fault for this
CarlaWilson18216 CarlaWilson18216 5 years
You cannot just pull a tooth that isn't loose already. That's my first issue. Has anybody seen the interview the mom did? They showed the boy's mouth and there are clearly two teeth coming in. That tooth was already loose. My guess is that the teacher thought the boy was bothered by the loose tooth or was afraid he would swallow it and removed the tooth she thought was bothering him. Whether she should have pulled the tooth or not, I don't think she should be fired. People are far too sensitive about minor stuff.
BonnieAnderson11938 BonnieAnderson11938 5 years
I agree that the teacher should have asked the parent first. I also believe that the tooth that was pulled might have also been loose. Just the other day, my son who is also in special ed, with autism, pulled out his own molar. It was loose, and he pulled it, a baby molar with no real roots. The kid involved might have wanted his tooth removed but, we don't know how well he could communicate this. So, since we really don't know the whole story of what happened, we can't make a proper judgement call. So many people today are looking for someone to blame for everything/anything. Couldn't this mum, gather her IEP team to discuss the issue, and perhaps get it written into the paperwork, how she would like to be approached about care for her child? A meeting can be called for at any time. Now, if the teacher had been more thoughtful she may have called the parent, and not helped this child with his tooth. She isn't a dentist, and it's better to let the parent make the decision. This doesn't call for a firing squad.
MeggyRobertson MeggyRobertson 5 years
That was assault, clear and simple. Im not into taking unecessary leagl action, but in this case I would. The person who did this was not only totally out of order they also were obviously not competent if they pulled the wrong tooth. If the child is annoying you fiddling with a tooth that is not the childs problem. Even if it had been the right tooth I'd have been furious.
LisaBiakanja LisaBiakanja 5 years
How could you not charge for assault? They didn't pull the loose tooth, they pulled a regular tooth! That's purely sadistic. The teacher would lose her job & face jail time if it were my child.
DodieAnderson DodieAnderson 5 years
I say no-harm-no-foul. People, get off your high horses of "no one touches my child!!" if that's how you feel about your schools and teachers, keep your kids home and teach them yourselves. Child abuse? C'mon! Hardly! So if I pull my child's tooth at home, is that child abuse too?
LizzPendergrass LizzPendergrass 5 years
Whether the child asks or not the teacher is completely in the wrong here. This is a child without parental consent the teacher or anybody in the school has absolutely no right to touch him in any way shape or form and should be terminated immediately! If that was my child you had better believe there would be more than the loss of a job in that teachers future! It's a tooth if the fact that he can't keep his hands out of his mouth is bothering you that much... call the mother to come and get him!
DanaMiller89744 DanaMiller89744 5 years
I think that teacher may be in the the wrong occupation. Any good teacher should be able to distract a child without going to such a glaring and extreme violation of human rights!!! That teacher should be fired and never allowed around children again.
MichelleHesse MichelleHesse 5 years
What needs to stop is the belief that anyone else has the right to touch another child if they have not been given permission from either parent. Who the hell does the teacher think she/he is to even think of such action! Whether the child asked, is severely autistic or the teacher thought they were a dentist for a few minutes oes not give them the right to do it without consultation! Absolutely deplorable!
TerriClark78714 TerriClark78714 5 years
How do you all know the kid didn't ask the teacher to pull it? The article doesn't say. However, if it really played out as the mom seems to think it did, then YES the teacher was way out of bounds. I'm not a fan of high-handed schools who think they should get to parent your kids, and I'd be the first to throw a major fit about this if it was as bad as it sounds, but come on, put yourselves back about 30 years when you were in school. Don't you remember your teacher helping out with a whole lot more than arithmetic?
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