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Schools Choosing Not to Serve Healthy Lunches

Schools Just Say No to Healthy Lunches

Some schools are opting out of the National School Lunch Program, saying that the new, healthier requirements are causing cafeterias to lose money. Meals with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are not attractive to kids, The Huffington Post reports, leading students to avoid the lunch line and bring their own food from home.

The federal lunch program reimburses schools for meals and gives them access to lower-priced food. But Catlin, IL, Superintendent Gary Lewis says the reimbursement is not enough to offset the 10 to 12 percent drop in lunch sales as students choose not to eat lunch. "Some of the stuff we had to offer, they wouldn't eat," he says.

To find out students' and parents' reactions to their school lunch program, read the whole story on The Huffington Post.

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ArizonaKalde ArizonaKalde 3 years
When I was in school, we had tater tots, hot dogs, veggies from a can, fruit from a can, etc. it was served on a tray and we had options. It was restuarant grade food in big can from the distributors like SYSCO, etc. It wasn't the cardboard cookie cut out dishes the cafeteria ladies popped in the toaster oven/microwave. Now, my daughter in high school has to fight the lines just to be told they ran out of food because who's ever in the kitchen can't count out the cardboard entrees or they are told only to make so many. They actually worked for their pay and took pride in it. The schools like LAUSD because they are broke even cheat the system NFL&B program just so they can get a little extra money. Then they serve our kids the cardboard cookie cut out processed entrees because it's cheaper than providing REAL nutritional meals.
TheresaReilly TheresaReilly 3 years
Every month, I go over the menu with my children and pick which lunches they want to buy that month. It's typical - my son will eat the turkey hot dogs, my daughter will eat the fish sticks, same as at home. Neither of them will eat the school pizza. It's so 'healthy' that it looks and tastes like cardboard. Unacceptable! I send healthy lunches on the days that neither of them are eating - whole grains, fresh fruits, low sugar yogurts - and they eat it. There has to be a happy medium. If I give my kids peaches packed in heavy syrup, they will eat them. If I give them peaches packed in water or natural juice, they will still eat them. We should be teaching them to make smart, healthy choices and that those choices can be tasty. Instead we are teaching them that healthy food is blah. I don't think the program should be abandoned, but it does need to be tweaked.
AmandaKeller37318 AmandaKeller37318 3 years
As someone involved in the school lunch program at a small private school, (I mark who eats lunch and then assists younger children clear their trays), the new guidelines are very severe! The children don't care how hungry they are if the food is so unappetizing; most trays get dumped, full of food. I serve very healthy food at home but my own children choose to dump most of their food a good deal of the time. My hope is that government officials recognize the real world implications of the program requirements, some of which are so ridiculous! As a parent I want my children to eat healthy but I want them to WANT healthy food because they enjoy it more, and not turned off because Mrs. Obama forced them to eat beets for lunch once a week!
AngeliqueHaney AngeliqueHaney 3 years
I think that if kids don't have the options of unhealthy choices, they will eat what is served. The unhealthy foods are more appealing, but kids will eat the healthy stuff if they are hungry. And parents who rely on school to feed their kids lunch, should be coaching and encouraging the kids to try it. The schools are still going to make money with the healthier foods, and the decrease in profits should go up after a while, due to the fact that it will cost the parents more money to buy the extra food for lunch that is available in school.
HollyMacNabb HollyMacNabb 3 years
Sounds like bad parenting being reinforced by schools! Way to go Caitlin, il school system!
NicoleWinter11247 NicoleWinter11247 3 years
A $30,000 loss in revenue for schools? Exactly how much are schools making poisoning our children? Does this mean the lunches made from home were as unhealthy or even more unhealthy than what cafeterias were serving before the healthy initiative changes were made?
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