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Screaming Children Banned From Mall in Australia

A mall in Sydney, Australia has sparked controversy with its decision to ban screaming children from certain areas, and to request the departure of parents who cannot get their kids to comply.

After receiving complaints from several customers about unruly children, mall authorities posted a sign that reads, “Stop. Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the center.”

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Would you bring your small children to a mall with this kind of policy?

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AngelaBurton63459 AngelaBurton63459 4 years
I am not sure if the children were in the food court or play area running and screaming. However, running and screaming in the food court is not the right environment to be doing that type of physically activity. At home I do not tolerate that type of play as well. Now if the children were in the play area running and screaming than I personal see nothing wrong with that. When children play that what they are suppose to do! It's called HAVING FUN in their environment! I agree with one of the ladies in the post, they shouldn't have built the food court and play area next to one another!
DianeSower DianeSower 4 years
My children were not allowed to act like zoo animals when they were being raised. Nowadays I notice a trend just the opposite, that ruins events for the public like eating in restaurants, movies, and shopping for food. I applaud an establishment that requires parents to be parents. It's about time. And don't tell me you can't teach children to have good manners. You can.
Amanda8088627 Amanda8088627 4 years
Unfortunately parents today don't control their children. Should the playground be so close to the food court to provide annoyance? No, probably not. There is a difference in the sound of children playing and children screaming though. Screaming is unnecessary, yes, even in a playground, especially when indoors. We must all learn to be considerate of those around us. I can't stand the kids that run around screaming and playing in stores and restaurants. Parents need to teach their kids manners and proper behavior in social settings. When my child acts up while we're out, we immediately leave. Yes, I will leave my shopping cart and walk him right out the door and home for a time out. Now I see parents giving their children portable devices so they can watch TV or play games while at a restaurant to keep them quiet. How is this teaching them to behave civilly? My son, again, knows that when we are out the phone and any other devices get put away. Dinner is for conversation and to catch up on one anothers day, even when he was in preschool. (And for those who will say I'm stuck in the old ways, or I must be old to hold such standards etc, I'm 27. It's called respect.)
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