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Screaming Through the Night

Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Screaming All Night

Sleep training is a rough sport where only the strong survive. Parents desperate for a tot to snooze through the night will sometimes allow their children to cry, wail, screech or whimper for minutes or hours on end. There's no denying the brutality of the sport — crocodile tears are not limited to the trainee; many have witnessed a few trickles down the cheeks of mom and pop, too.

While the bawling may be treacherous and heart wrenching, the aftershocks further drive a parent crazy. In theory, when baby finally caves and falls asleep, mommy and daddy can also get some much-needed rest. But, after enduring periods of howling, many folks still hear the yelps long after the child dozes off. To be certain my son has drifted off, my husband and I often have to document his shut eyes and slowly rising and falling chest. To seal the deal, we turn the monitor to the highest volume and finally doze off with pillows over our heads.

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