Being a teen mom doesn't end once a girl births her adorable bundle of joy. Season two of MTV's Teen Mom kicked off where things left off with the four young mothers it has followed since they were 16 and Pregnant. The episode (which initially aired last night) was grim because it showed the realities of becoming an underage parent and the emotional, familial, and financial toll it takes. The tension between Farrah and her mother, Debra, led to domestic violence and left baby Sophia in limbo between the two women she loves. Maci was forced to take Ryan to court so he would pony up child support for Bentley after the dad refused. Having not learned their lesson with Leah, Amber and Gary found themselves in the midst of another pregnancy scare despite both being unemployed and broke. And tension in the seemingly unbreakable bond (despite putting their daughter Carly up for adoption) between Catelynn and Tyler came to the surface as he suggested she move out. Did you find the show hard to digest?

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