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Seattle Bio Mom Loses Bid to Keep Sons Away From Killer Step-Mom

Seattle Bio Mom Loses Bid to Keep Sons Away From Killer Step-Mom

We're feeling for Seattle mom of two, Trisha Conlon, who will have no choice this Sunday but to drop her two sons off at her ex-husband's home for visitation. There they will be living with a woman who killed her own two daughters, back in 1991.

The step-mother, Kristine Cushing, has a loving relationship with Conlon's sons, but a checkered past: she served four years in a mental institution for slaying her own daughters, an act attributed to temporary insanity (a severe reaction to prescription anti-depressants). Several years after her release, she remarried her daughters' father, John P. Cushing, who by this time was divorced from Conlon, his second wife.

Commissioner Leonid Ponomarchuk of King County Superior Court, who ruled against Conlon's bid to change the parenting plan, is quoted by The New York Times as saying, “Would I ever want my children around her? I would say no. But that is an emotional reaction coming from a parent.” 


Read the whole story in The New York Times

What would you do if you were in Trisha Conlon's shoes?

Image Source: Via Manuel Valdes/The New York Times

DonnaJoiner1369512713 DonnaJoiner1369512713 3 years
I am. Yet it is there Dad that just killed and fled till they found his truck parts and people saw his blood smashed windshield. Fl. let him out on 0.00 bond and let him pled not guilty. His court is March 2014. How do I keep the kids from crazy. I feel for you, yet not sure what to do either.
JulieSoto35494 JulieSoto35494 4 years
This is crazy,.... ohhh my gooodnesss I would hate to be in your shoes, I would not take my kids to her home... the law says that he is the one that has the right to see his kids.... but is there a law that says she has to let that woman be with her kids, too?????.... She needs a good i'm depressed sometimes, but if the law allows this woman to use that as a excuse to kill her own children, then how can we expect that she won't snap AGAIN?????? this system really annoys me sometimes...
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
Hmm, if this were me, I'd either tell the dad that this woman MUST be out of the house during my children's entire visit (and make sure it happens) OR I'd park my ass right in front of their house for the entire visit, no matter how many days. Sorry, I'm not giving care of my children to a child murderer. I'm pretty sure that's Mothering 101.
CoMMember13631154551724 CoMMember13631154551724 6 years
Most states have a permissive appeal process in which you can ask for a stay of the order of visitation, pending an appeal. This Mom needs a good lawyer...hopefully she has one. If the dad wants visitation, I would say he can have it so long as his crazy killer wife is not around. If they were my children, I would rather risk a contempt charge than send my children into a potentially harmful situation.
PaulaFranz PaulaFranz 6 years
Found "not guilty" by reason of insanity- ohhhhh ok, well then that's ok- just hand the kids over to a woman who KILLED her children- insane or not insane- who the frick cares, she killed her own children- I don't care if she was drugged up and ordered to do it by the mafia- she killed her OWN kids- no freakin way would anyone force me to give up my kids to that circumstance!! Fight it as much as possible, not good for the kids.......Society is getting so freaking messed up by "parent's rights" what about the right's of the children to a normal life- not living in fear!
CrystalSpencer CrystalSpencer 6 years
sure they can go over and see dad but im not leaving their sides!!!
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