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The Secret Lives of Moms: 10 Funny Confessions

The Secret Lives of Moms: 10 Funny Confessions

If you ever worry that you're the only mom who wants to scream "I am not Super Mom!" or you keep a running list of stuff that bugs you on the mommy front, you're in good company. Ariel Y., mom to 5-month-old Maddox, has created a community on Circle of Moms for "mom confessions," where moms can tell it like it is. As member Cindy R. sums it up, "We pretend to be perfect mothers, but...secretly, once in a while, we all do things when [we] know no one else is looking."

Here are 10 of our favorite mom confessions. Add your own in the comments section!

1. Ignoring the Poop

 Ignoring a baby's poop is a tactic many Circle of Moms members employ to get their husbands to scurry to the changing table in their place. Cindy R describes this one as "knowing my toddler has a dirty nappy but waiting an extra ten minutes, hoping my hubby will smell it." Be warned however; it doesn't always work. Tia B. has tried this strategy but her husband just says, "‘What stinks? I think he needs his diaper changed.'" And Katie O's husband "will outwait me every time."

2. Using the TV as a Babysitter

"I've come to confess a sin," intones Katie B., probably with a smile. On the days that her husband is off, he takes care of her son so she can go back to bed in the morning. But "What everyone doesn't know," this light sleeper shares, "is that [even on] the three days we are home alone, I still go back to bed." She brings her son into the bedroom with lots of toys and cranks up the cartoons. Carisa V. is another mom who sneaks in sleep time. "When I was pregnant with baby #2, I would lay on the couch in the living room and nap while my two-year-old watched cartoons. I was never really asleep, and she usually curled up with me to watch them."


Work rather than sleep drives Amber L. to flick on the TV. She confesses to allowing her son to watch TV "even when he is not allowed, so I can get work done."

3. Spoiling 'Em

 "I spoil my kids," says Emma N. "My kids aren't spoiled brats. They're just spoiled. I'm not sure why people have a problem with it. Why do other people care if my girls have nice things? As they get older, they are asking for more expensive and nicer things, which they get if they have good grades and do what they are told. What is wrong with that?"

4. Indulging a Werewolf Addiction

"I'm a Twilight Mom! "says Linda M. who says she's addicted to all things from the "Twilight Saga series. "I am enjoying the Twilight series as much as my 7th grade daughter and teenage nieces! I bought all the books and have read them all and even want the T-shirts and hats."  

5. Skipping Pages in the Storybook

"When I'm reading a story book to my toddler, I'll turn from page three to ten hoping he won't notice," says Cindy R.  

6. Teaching Them to Call for "Dadda" First

"I taught my daughter to say Dadda before Mamma so I could make my husband do whatever she's needing," says Shelly S. "That worked for midnight he just felt so guilty. It's a trick my sister recommended to get husbands to pitch in."

7. Telling Little While Lies

When her son is asking for a toy she can't find. Amber L. tells him "it's broken so he stops asking." And Liv M. confesses that when her son hears the music coming from the ice cream truck, she tells him that "It means [the truck] doesn't have any ice ream left."

8. "Borrowing" Toys

Sometimes the only way to get the shopping done is to occupy your child with a brand new toy. It works even  better when you don't have to buy it. Cindy B. says she's guilty of "taking a toy off the shelf while shopping and giving it to my toddler to play with, with no intention to buy it." Elizabeth Y. does the same thing, and rather than returning it to the shelf at the end of the trip, she'll "just hand it to the shop keeper and shrug."

9. Buckling Them Down

Toni L. presses her son's highchair into service to solve a familiar problem how to clean up the house when your child is relentlessly uncleaning it. She simply buckles her son into his highchair and turns on his favorite TV show "so I can tidy up without him running riot in the house."

10. Taking Shortcuts at Bedtime

A mom's day is never done, but Katherine C. reminds us that our kids will usually let us off easy if we need to cut corners at bedtime. This mom of two confesses that when she's too exhausted at night for a full blown bedtime ritual, she "forgets" to brush her 2-year-old's teeth, and even puts her kids to sleep "in clothes." 

What's your secret mom confession? 

Image Source: RushtonHeather via Flickr/Creative Commons

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, POPSUGAR.

Faith66654 Faith66654 5 years
Regarding the #10. I work as the main secretary in an elementary school, grades K-4, so I come in contact with a lot of kids. I can tell which kids parents didn't have them brush their teeth in the morning or comb their hair. They have the worst breath! And I can only imagine what goes on at home. Also I see a lot of kids leaving for dental appts for major dental work - I'm talking silver caps due to dental neglect. Yes I'm a mother of two and I'm not perfect either so don't attack me. But stinky breath? Not so nice. I hold MY breath! People do notice these things and wonder how well they're taken care of at home. Once in a great while no biggie to miss brushing, but don't do it too much.
Faith66654 Faith66654 5 years
My now 18 yr old son was so funny at age 3, I never knew what was going to come out of his mouth in public. One day I was picking up some purchases at a JCPenny mailorder store, and next to us in line was a man with a huge red nose almost resembling a frycake. I noticed it and thought, oh God please don't let him say anything. Sure enough, I hear quite loudly, "Mommy, that man has a DONUT nose!" The lady at the counter looked me right in the eye with a grin on her face, and said "Bye!" I said, "Bye!!!" We turned and left the store.
AmberCascanette AmberCascanette 5 years
Not gonna lie I've done more than a few of these. LOL
LaetitiaKergozou LaetitiaKergozou 5 years
how could you do #1? i just used to pesecute my poor daughter with clean diapers. Even when she waked up at night i used to clean her bottom mechanically before i breast-feed her; and one day she really was fed up about this she start to cry and my husband wake up too and look at me and say "why don't you let her sleep at 3:00 am ?!?"; I felt so guilty about this i stop to clean her bottom in the night. But i confessed it was hard sometimes to sleep again while thinking about "how is the diaper now?" and i used to count every hour till i could change it again!
CarolineCummings CarolineCummings 5 years
Some of this made me lol literally as I can see my self doing them - love it!
JenSantiago57499 JenSantiago57499 6 years
love #8! I do this all the time. feel bad for the store as they will find toys all over the store as my daughter changes her mind and puts it down whenever and wherever she wants either to pick up something new or gets distracted. at least I get my shopping done and she is happy. she doesn't usually even realize we didn't bring it home.
KaciWatson KaciWatson 6 years
This article is so sad. Devastating to the children involved.It shows just how self centered and lazy these mother are.
CathyMillsGarcia CathyMillsGarcia 6 years
I would love to feed my kids perfectly balanced meals every day, but that's not realistic with my fussy eaters. So if all my son wants is hot dogs, I let him eat them every day. Not every meal, though. I do make sure he gets some healthier foods, but this greatly cuts down on the mealtime battles. My daughter is easier...she'll eat almost anything, but doesn't always want to finish it. I used to make her, but it's much kinder to both of us to not make her clean her plate anymore. I should probably take a cue from her and stop eating when I'm full! All in all, my kids aren't starving and get at least some balance to their meals.
LinChambers LinChambers 6 years
I have a variation on #1. I wait just a little bit to see if he is going to poop anymore (sometimes they do dirty a diaper right after changing them) until Daddy is standing. And most likely I'm on the floor, so since the hubby is standing and it is pretty clear the baby's done, he might as well change the diaper.
ShellyDanielson ShellyDanielson 6 years
I am the mother of 3 boys ages 5,4,and 2. Bed time is sometimes a fight with my 5 and 4 year old, so when we send them to bed my husband and I will tell them to lay on their beds for 2 minutes then they can come off and sleep in the front room. Little do they know that 2 minutes turns into 10 minutes and so forth, and usually they end up falling asleep before thier "2 minutes" runs out. Works every time.
BrookieNickel BrookieNickel 6 years
Those who are being critical of these admissions need to chill out - most people only take these shortcuts every now and again. Yep, they've admitted to not instantly changing their babies, but they've probably only waited a few mins before pulling out the nappies, not hours. Just like not brushing toddler teeth once in a while is not going cause major dental issues. And lets face it, bribery in some form or another works. As the old saying goes "let he (or she) who has not sinned cast the first stone".
MichelleSteely MichelleSteely 6 years
I admit to quite a few of these but saving a few minutes by not brushing your child's teeth is pure lazy! Poor dental hygiene leads to many health issues later in life...brush your child's teeth every morning and night!!
GayeDurst GayeDurst 6 years
Some of this is funny. Some of it sad some of it downright neglectful. Poopy diaper, really???? My confesion is my daughter thought soda tasted horrible because by the time she was four we got tired of hiding it and poured vinegar in a pop can and made a big deal out of her being big enough to have some! Lmao still all theses years later. Now I wonder what sbe is gonna pull on my Grandson?!
AlisonIngram AlisonIngram 6 years
I sometimes let my little one skip brushing her teeth in the mornings. She's much more agreeable at bedtime!
DesireeDeMarco DesireeDeMarco 6 years
I was putting my two year old son down for a nap and he heard the ice cream truck outside and asked me what that was , so I told him it was the nap truck it was coming around playing his music to tell everyone to take there naps, now when ever he hears it he says the nap truck is here!!!
LauraGomezDeCid LauraGomezDeCid 6 years
Oh wow, I must confess I do a few of these myself (1, 2, 8 and 9) and it's good to know I'm not the only one!! Hahaha...
RebeccaMarcus RebeccaMarcus 6 years
Oh my god, you ladies have made me laugh and more importantly made me feel less alone in this wacky and wonderful journey of motherhood. I love all you ladies! Well, at least MOST of you. I agree that anyone who is "disgusted" or "shocked" by any of these confessions is just operating under the false assumption that mothers need to be perfect. What are YOUR ugly little secrets? (If you know what I MEAN. And I KNOW you do.) If you want to read up on the benefits of being an imperfect mother, just Google "the good enough mother". My daughter will be better for my imperfections. I know this because I'm imperfect a lot of the time (I am human, after all) and she still thinks I hung the moon. (The secret is, SHE hung the moon!) She is safe, loved, listened to, giggled with, snuggled up to, and on and on I could go. I have no worries. I know one thing for certain: She is LOVED. (In spite of all my "imperfections") and she KNOWS it.
LeahWright88687 LeahWright88687 6 years
Oh wow I so love this article! Yep I'm guilty of shortening bedtime when I'm soo exhausted, skipping pages in stories (although my 4 year old is getting so keen these days..I don't think that will last much longer!), not bathing them everyday and using TV as a babysitter! Refreshing to see that I'm not the only one! My other big confession is making chicken nuggets or kraft dinner for supper more than I should! I feel bad not making a full blown meal every single day..but really? Who has the time or energy for that anyways!
JenniferSkinner851 JenniferSkinner851 6 years
OMG My confession would be giving in to my son at dinner time. By the end of the day I'm so exhausted I really don't feel like fighting with him to eat his dinner, I let him have cereal, or fruit...or both. Maybe eggs and pancakes. whatever will get him to eat so it's not a struggle. And as far as #10...seriously? My kid hardly ever brushes his teeth...sees the dentist regularly and his teeth are just fine.
JessicaPerry38411 JessicaPerry38411 6 years
I some times act like I'm still sleeping in the morning (we have a gate he can't go any where) my husband won't get up with him till he knocks or comes in our sometimes ill hear him playing and just wait or dose back off till he gets daddy.....I do "forget" to start dinner sometimes....but it gets done just later....I nap with my son on the couch....when he takes a nap... And the tv works great with things like wonder pets and handy manny, to get house work done or sqeeze in a work out....and 3 year old...ill have him work out with me....its cute and he likes seems easier to have him to things like dishes/ laundry with me...I'm not constantly stopping cause of ..momma ...momma....MOMMA!! it makes it fun and easier
KateOBrien60722 KateOBrien60722 6 years
I am guilty of #1. One day, I was running so late, we were just about to walk out the door and I got "the smell". I ignored it... put my daughter into her car seat and dropped her off at daycare, poopy nappy and all. I know, I know. I'm horrible! Another confession? Letting my daughter eat yogurt and fruit for dinner
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 6 years
yeah i dont see whats so 'horrible' or 'disgusting', as some of you put it, about # 10. My kids brush their teeth in the morning, once in a blue moon they do it at night too. What's the big deal? Their teeth arent going to rot and fall out the next day, nor are they permanent. I didn't brush my teeth before bed as a kid and my teeth are all still intact, and as good as they should be.
KaylaStill KaylaStill 6 years
most of em, yes....i am not ashamed!!
ShawnWright ShawnWright 6 years
For everyone who is so grossed out by number 10 GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. As long as she brushes their teeth in the morning no harm no foul. Oh I forgot these are the same ppl who didn't say a word about leaving a baby sitting in POOP on purpose. LOL!
mari2214 mari2214 6 years
I think Ive done all these! We are all human & not perfect. If we were all perfect, life would be boring & we wouldnt have stories to tell when our kids get older.
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