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The Secret Lives of Moms: 10 Funny Confessions

The Secret Lives of Moms: 10 Funny Confessions

If you ever worry that you're the only mom who wants to scream "I am not Super Mom!" or you keep a running list of stuff that bugs you on the mommy front, you're in good company. Ariel Y., mom to 5-month-old Maddox, has created a community on Circle of Moms for "mom confessions," where moms can tell it like it is. As member Cindy R. sums it up, "We pretend to be perfect mothers, but...secretly, once in a while, we all do things when [we] know no one else is looking."

Here are 10 of our favorite mom confessions. Add your own in the comments section!

1. Ignoring the Poop

 Ignoring a baby's poop is a tactic many Circle of Moms members employ to get their husbands to scurry to the changing table in their place. Cindy R describes this one as "knowing my toddler has a dirty nappy but waiting an extra ten minutes, hoping my hubby will smell it." Be warned however; it doesn't always work. Tia B. has tried this strategy but her husband just says, "‘What stinks? I think he needs his diaper changed.'" And Katie O's husband "will outwait me every time."

2. Using the TV as a Babysitter

"I've come to confess a sin," intones Katie B., probably with a smile. On the days that her husband is off, he takes care of her son so she can go back to bed in the morning. But "What everyone doesn't know," this light sleeper shares, "is that [even on] the three days we are home alone, I still go back to bed." She brings her son into the bedroom with lots of toys and cranks up the cartoons. Carisa V. is another mom who sneaks in sleep time. "When I was pregnant with baby #2, I would lay on the couch in the living room and nap while my two-year-old watched cartoons. I was never really asleep, and she usually curled up with me to watch them."


Work rather than sleep drives Amber L. to flick on the TV. She confesses to allowing her son to watch TV "even when he is not allowed, so I can get work done."

3. Spoiling 'Em

 "I spoil my kids," says Emma N. "My kids aren't spoiled brats. They're just spoiled. I'm not sure why people have a problem with it. Why do other people care if my girls have nice things? As they get older, they are asking for more expensive and nicer things, which they get if they have good grades and do what they are told. What is wrong with that?"

4. Indulging a Werewolf Addiction

"I'm a Twilight Mom! "says Linda M. who says she's addicted to all things from the "Twilight Saga series. "I am enjoying the Twilight series as much as my 7th grade daughter and teenage nieces! I bought all the books and have read them all and even want the T-shirts and hats."  

5. Skipping Pages in the Storybook

"When I'm reading a story book to my toddler, I'll turn from page three to ten hoping he won't notice," says Cindy R.  

6. Teaching Them to Call for "Dadda" First

"I taught my daughter to say Dadda before Mamma so I could make my husband do whatever she's needing," says Shelly S. "That worked for midnight he just felt so guilty. It's a trick my sister recommended to get husbands to pitch in."

7. Telling Little While Lies

When her son is asking for a toy she can't find. Amber L. tells him "it's broken so he stops asking." And Liv M. confesses that when her son hears the music coming from the ice cream truck, she tells him that "It means [the truck] doesn't have any ice ream left."

8. "Borrowing" Toys

Sometimes the only way to get the shopping done is to occupy your child with a brand new toy. It works even  better when you don't have to buy it. Cindy B. says she's guilty of "taking a toy off the shelf while shopping and giving it to my toddler to play with, with no intention to buy it." Elizabeth Y. does the same thing, and rather than returning it to the shelf at the end of the trip, she'll "just hand it to the shop keeper and shrug."

9. Buckling Them Down

Toni L. presses her son's highchair into service to solve a familiar problem how to clean up the house when your child is relentlessly uncleaning it. She simply buckles her son into his highchair and turns on his favorite TV show "so I can tidy up without him running riot in the house."

10. Taking Shortcuts at Bedtime

A mom's day is never done, but Katherine C. reminds us that our kids will usually let us off easy if we need to cut corners at bedtime. This mom of two confesses that when she's too exhausted at night for a full blown bedtime ritual, she "forgets" to brush her 2-year-old's teeth, and even puts her kids to sleep "in clothes." 

What's your secret mom confession? 

Image Source: RushtonHeather via Flickr/Creative Commons

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