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The Secret to Soothing Your Baby (VIDEO)

The Secret to Soothing Your Baby (VIDEO)

You've tried shushing and swaddling, singing and swinging...and still your baby's awake. Maybe what you really need is this cat.

This was first posted on YouTube last September, but if you have't seen it (or even if you have), it's worth a view. Watch as this sweet cat soothes a (human) baby to sleep, then looks to the videographer (Dad?) to signal that all is well.

Image Source: Aaron Grant via YouTube

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AlleneWolfe AlleneWolfe 5 years
I was always told never to let your cat near the baby as they have the smell of milk on their mouth and the cat may lick the baby's face and lay on them and smother them.
CindyJackson72211 CindyJackson72211 5 years
i have a new granddaughter & i let my cats around her but i'm right there incase they do something but mine don't just attack they have 2 b being messed with b4 they do!! i have 1 cat that i was worried about with her til he climbed in my lap with her in it & laid across her legs & went 2 sleep!! & yes animals (cats in this case) can soothe a person 2 sleep!!! any1 that doesn't think so hasn't had a cat!!!
LisaWarren LisaWarren 5 years
Gosh there are some wowsers around. This is fully supervised by two adults, who obviously know their cat very well and love their baby to bits. Enjoy it for what it is. And just for the record, the more grotty and revolting human beings I see getting around, I would WAY rather my my own animals near my baby. Lovely video.
SusanChan4128 SusanChan4128 5 years
I think stupid as well.
AmandaSeery AmandaSeery 5 years
ive read some comments on here, the baby is in no danger, the mother is beside the child and must know the cat enough. it does look like its kissing the baby not biting it. but i still wouldnt let my cats near my child
AmandaSeery AmandaSeery 5 years
i have 3 cats but i dont think id let them near a baby
dawnmannering dawnmannering 5 years
Wow the comments below are soooooo negative.... Lighten up ladies!
aniaschietzelt aniaschietzelt 5 years
stupid. This cat didn't do anything, baby was just settleing and going to sleep on its own. seriously. That was suppose to be a fussy baby?
CoMMember13615551593872 CoMMember13615551593872 5 years
Ya... I'm sorry but.this cat is not soothing the baby. He is lightly swatting and at one point even playfully attacks the baby's head. I almost died watching this video. I have cats of my own and didn't let them near my daughter until she was older. Animals are unpredictable. Silly video. Someone else is going to follow this and a baby is going to get hurt. Thumbs down.
SophieKendall SophieKendall 5 years
Is it just me, or is the cat being signalled to? Also, part way through the parent holding the camera sets their hand on the baby, which also happens to be the point baby calms down. Coincidence?
JenniferBrown92254 JenniferBrown92254 5 years
AWWWW that is the cutest thing EVER!!!!
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