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Selk' Bag, The Outdoorsy Mom's Must Have

Selk' Bag, The Outdoorsy Mom's Must Have

Sporty moms are known for carting oranges and water to their kids' games, but the women endure wind, rain and chill as they root their offspring on from the sidelines. So why not give the faithful fans that wrap themselves in hats, coats, blankets and scarves to steady the camcorders in their cold hands a uniform to keep them snug in the bleachers? If you can get past its fluffy and spacesuit like appearance, the Selk' bag ($70) is wonderfully snug. To read about its pros and cons,


The wearable sleeping bag is spacious and covers your entire body with compartmental arms and legs so you can carry on your regular activities or make a snack bar run. While the hooded suit also keeps your head and neck warm, it certainly makes an interesting fashion statement. My son stared at me when I slipped into the one the company sent me to try out. If an almost two-year-old gives it a second glance, fellow fans might think you have lost your mind. But, you may not notice you'll be so toasty and content. If you aren't game for that idea, the sack-suit is ideal for family camping trips when you have to get up in the middle of the night to take your tot to the bathroom or get him a cup of water, as you won't even have to get unzipped!

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babysugar babysugar 8 years
I want this for myself. I could live in that thing during the SF chilly nights!
Rinne Rinne 8 years
Oh I honestly thought that this was for kids! I was going to say, we live in Seattle, where it's SO cold like ALL the time, and this is just like what we had for the kids when they were younger, but I couldn't justify the $70 pricetag.
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