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Senator Singles Out Single Parents for Blame

Senator Singles Out Single Parents for Blame

If you're a single parent, state Senator Glenn Grothman (R) of Wisconsin disapproves of your lifestyle. Grothman is so sure that unmarried parenthood leads to child abuse and neglect that he wants the state of Wisconsin, where a third of all parents are single, to take a stand against it.

Grothman has written a bill that would require his state to pay for educational and public awareness campaigns that "emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect."

Forbes magazine's Rick Unger points out that Grothman's bill, Senate Bill 507, doesn't mention any other factors that contribute to child abuse and neglect, such as alcoholism, mental health problems, unemployment, or domestic violence among married couples. It only mentions single parenthood.


Read the whole story (Forbes Magazine)

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LaurieLangella LaurieLangella 5 years
@Nicole, I was just thinkin that he probably expects all the widows with young children should damn the memory of their beloved deceased partner and find a new one posthaste! What a friggin blockhead
KristinRetallack KristinRetallack 5 years
I was abused as a my step-mother. She was (obviously) married to my father. That alone puts me at an increased chance of becoming an abuser. I am now a single parent, have been for over 10 years. My 3 children have told me they are glad I left their fahter, they've had a better upbringing since he left...especially my oldest girl (middle child), he was molesting her! But according to this nitwit, I would have been better off staying in a relationship with an abusive man than to take my children and myself away where we could be safe. Single parenthood has very little to do with abuse, there are so many other things that have a greater impact. It's actuall more to do with the person themselves....I'm a single mum, I come from an abusive background, I have depression, all my family lives interstate (isolation) and I'm unemployed. Five strikes against me, and I still am not abusive towards my kids. My step-mother had an employed husband, all her family living in the same town, no diagnosed mental illness, and a happy family background, yet she was abusive toward me. Cut the crap, Grothman, being a single parent does not make one abusive or neglectful.
MistyColeman18003 MistyColeman18003 5 years
Total Fng BS! That DB needs to get a clue. There's a hell of a lot of children abused in very wealthy 2 parent homes so frankly he can kiss this single mother's ass!
doraHetrick doraHetrick 5 years
That's the Republican agenda. Ignore all the most important things and make life difficult for mothers. (It is usually mothers who are the single parents.) Welcome to the dark ages.
KristinaTramel KristinaTramel 5 years
As a former young single mom(Married now) I can say personally that I have never abused my son (that's right I only have one child). I've never done drugs,been to a club, I barley drink even as a 25 year old. Also as a military wife I disagree with military wivesthat consider themselves "single mothers" you're not a single mother! Unless you actually been a single mother you have no idea what it is like to raise your child totally alone.
MichelleEckman MichelleEckman 5 years
Um actually I got out before the physical abuse started! Spent too much time with the mental and finally woke up. We are lucky in so many ways. Guess according to this idiot it would have been better to have been black and blue and be together than to be single and have my self respect and pride.
KellieHamilton KellieHamilton 5 years
Oh wow. I work in the area of child abuse/neglect and this guy is an idiot. Abuse/neglect does not discriminate between rich & poor, it doesn't care about your age, race, or marital status. Some precipitating factors are mental health issues, substance abuse issues, stress, and parents' coping mechanisms. Just because a parent is poor and/or single does not mean they do not know how to parent or that the child lacks love, nurturing and a healthy home environment.
MirandaNelson56280 MirandaNelson56280 5 years
This is absolutely ridiculous. I am a military wife and my husband is deployed a lot, so does that make me more likely to harm my children as well. Being a good parent has nothing to do with being married or single and I think that having someone in our government who is this ignorant is horrible.
DebbieAmann DebbieAmann 5 years
MR. IGNORANT & PERFECT?: are the first words that came to mind when , not even reading all of this article! Seriously, these are the type of blind, ignorant, silver spoon fed fools we still have? Still making decisions along with others for our country! When are we going to start booting the ones the we want to replace? Ya know every 4-8yrs, LIKE WE HAVE FOR CENTURY'S WITH OUR U.S. PRESIDENTS?!?! I personally would like to see Obama get 8 to try to fix or screw up more just like our other Presidents have! lol PEASE TO HATER'S OR AGREER'S!!
JenniferLee61509 JenniferLee61509 5 years
I am a single parent and no such thing goes on in my house. That is such a joke and he should be fired for being so stupid
angelahallgarris angelahallgarris 5 years
ok that is just stupid. He's a moron.
MaryFredrickson MaryFredrickson 5 years
Like I asked for him to take off when we found out I was pregnant, he needs to attack the LOSERS that disappear, and praise us women for being strong and having a heart and loves their children regardless. I have no regrets for having my kids but I do regret how their fathers turned out.....
KeliRuss KeliRuss 5 years
what about all the single parents the DO PROTECT LOVE AND PROVIDE for their children and are far better off without the mate. He must have other issues
MichelleMayes MichelleMayes 5 years
I agree that he's aiming at those having child after child without regard for the father sticking around, HOWEVER this is going about it in a wrong way. Children are abused generally when parents do not have the coping skills to deal with their children, are addicted to drugs or alcohol, didn't finish enough schooling to be truly self-sufficient. When my mom was younger, she worked with girls who had had one child before they finished high school. They generally found if they could help the girl build her esteem and finish high school, the outcome was good. If she had two kids in high school, the outcome was poor. What if we focused on teaching women to be good parents? What if we focused on overcoming the issues that led them to the situation? One report ( found that 55% of teenage mothers had been sexually abused prior to the pregnancy. Gee, what if we focused on preventing THAT abuse? There are far better things to be focusing on that, in turn, could help lower the numbers of kids raised in abusive environments if that is the ultimate goal.
VikkiGruber VikkiGruber 5 years
this is bullshit i have been a single parent for a long time in wisconsin. The state ALREADY thinks like this. not every single parent abuses their child. they love thier kids more and protect thier kids more
AmyRangeRichert AmyRangeRichert 5 years
Thats ridiculous!! Im proud to be a single parent! My children are not in any way shape or form abused or neglected! I find the article angering!
JenniferGasiorek JenniferGasiorek 5 years
This is the most ridiculous bill I have ever heard! I am completely outraged that anyone would have this thought process, let alone an elected official. By the way, I am not a single parent. I have compassion for those single moms and dads out there. Raising children us difficult enough, and we as a society should be supporting and encouraging!
missykulp missykulp 5 years
Wow where to begin, First of all if this bill is directed toward the younger generation having baby after baby with multiple mates then maybe yea tht needs awareness, but to say a child will suffer fabuse and neglect from being raised by one parent is crap dnt believe it with out seeing the proof to back up his claims,I have 2 kids now 18 and 16 , have been raising them on my own since i was 25 and left my drug addicted husband, my kids are very spoiled never been hit, and surely are not neglected, I take offense to this guy stating the single parents damage their kids, oh yea my 18 yr old is attending college,so it shows i didnt screw up her education either being a single parent, I also know some young girls tht grew up with both parents and felt so lonely tht they got pregnant just to feel the love from the baby , and yes they r on welfare getting help but hey they had both parents growing up, so the damage is done either way there,to say it single parents is wrong I am damn PROUD TO BE A SINGLE PARENT and i am proud of the job i did on my own, all tht i see coming out of this is more money thrown away on stupidy and ignorance
StephanieHolt StephanieHolt 5 years
I personally resent this. Im a single mom and my daughter is a healthy happy 3 yr old. We go out to eat and she says please and thank u and i get told all the time that she is one of the most polite children people have met. I pride myself on these comments because im doing it alone, who the hell are these people to judge. Get a fuckin clue for real. Single parent homes is a maass majority of the world these days. Most choose it some dont. Id much rather be byself in thhis then with ner deadbeat dad with 6 kids who he never sees. Get a clue man. This is the reason i hate politics.
LauraBuchanan70250 LauraBuchanan70250 5 years
I think what he is referring to is the single teen/young adult who are popping out babies by multiple daddies. These are the children that are at risk. The lifestyle of these girls is enough to see that this is not an optimal environment for a child. Many of these girls are on public aid, high school dropouts and involved in God knows what. These children are more prone to being abused. Not all people should be parents. Anyone can have a child, but not everyone knows how to raise it. Our tax dollars shouldn't be used to enable this promiscuous behavior. I travel to daycares all over the area and work with children and its obvious by the bad behavior of many of the children in the lower income /public aid daycares that something is not right in their home life. It is very sad to see a 3 or 4 year old with horrendous violent behavior, not to mention what comes out of their mouths. Parenting is not easy but a responsible parent nurtures and cares for their child and that child doesnt have these behaviors. I think making these girls take some parenting classes before allowing them to collect our tax dollars is a good idea. Maybe they will think twice about popping more babies out year after year.
Linda38152 Linda38152 5 years
How about we check to see if these people are educated, over 21, employed and supporting themselves Prior to having these children out of wedlock?!?!? I was 28 years old, had put myself through college, was gainfully employed and able to support myself, BEFORE deciding to have my daughter without being married to her father. I have NEVER ONCE EVER abused my daughter, she is now 20 years old, graduated from High School at the top of her class and is currently on the deans list in College. We have a fantastic relationship built on mutual respect, discipline and a lot of Consistent hard work and follow through on my part. . . Single parent hood is NOT the problem, it is the age and education level of these people that is the problem!!!!!
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
This man is off his nut and completely out of touch with reality. If someone's a single parent, there's a REASON. They don't just wake up one day and decide to be a single parent. Idiot. He has to be the dumbest politician of all time. He just alienated half his voter base! And what's he going to do to stop single parenthood? Make parents not die? Make spouses not cheat? A whole new level of clueless. smh
LetishaFarrell LetishaFarrell 5 years
What the crap is he thinking??? Does he think they choose to be single parents on purpose??? Stupid....
DanielleLemire DanielleLemire 5 years
And what does he propose as a better alternative? Arranged marriage? Foster care? Adoption? Giant group homes? Seriously, this man needs to slap himself. Hard. Any person, young, old, single, or married can be a terrible parent. Same with being a good parent. I'd say that it's one of the variables that would LEAST affect a child's upbringing for the worst. If anything, it'd teach them independance, resposibility and the importance of standing up for yourself and believing in yourself. Good job to all you single moms out there who took a stand and said NO MORE to deadbeat daddies. Best of luck and lots of love to yah!
AshleighSpencer AshleighSpencer 5 years
This idiot can go fuck himself. I probaby wouldn't BE as messed up as I am if Mom had raised me alone.
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