Mommy Dearest,

My 5-year-old twins are entering kindergarten next month and I was just contacted by their new school regarding their class placement. We kept the girls in the same class during nursery school and it worked well for them in terms of their learning, meeting new friends, and having each other to lean on. But as their pre-K year came to an end, their distinctive personalities came through. While one was outgoing, the other complained that her sister was leaving her out of activities. Do you think it would be best to separate them going forward?

– Twin Thoughts

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Twin Thoughts,

Your girls sound like they have come into their own. Perhaps the new school year is an opportune time for the transition, since they are already distinguishing themselves from each other. Before making the final decision, you might want to sit down and discuss the option with them and ask for their input. You may also consult an expert for a second opinion or other mothers of multiples who have gone through this already.

– Mommy Dearest

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