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The Actual Reason Children Are 800% Worse When Their Mothers Are in the Room
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Separation Anxiety and Children

What Do You Know About Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety takes a toll on parents and their children. Working moms and dads hate to leave a child in distress, while stay-at-home moms and dads can't even go into the next room without bringing on the waterworks. Luckily for most wee ones the fear of being apart from their parents is temporary, and seems to disappear just as quickly as it came. Take the quiz to see how much you know about separation anxiety.

What Do You Know About Separation Anxiety?

True or False: All children experience separation anxiety.

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gamestomper-6 gamestomper-6 7 years
1/5, :facesmack: i'm always changing from the right answer to the wrong one.
JoneyStar JoneyStar 7 years
anonymous @ 9:02 am I have a friend who has separation anxiety with her children. She's a stay at home mom. And its not the kids, its her. LOL. And I don't like her children. And I have a child. I just wish sometimes she would stop dragging her kids everywhere so that we can have girl time without the kids. But her husband is a punk so. There you go.
JoneyStar JoneyStar 7 years
4 out of 5 / 80% I just answered according to my son. He was about 12 to 18 months when he started having separation anxiety. At first when we left for date night usually, he didn't care. But as he got older he began to chase us to the door and cry and tug. Then when we came back he was always right at the door waiting. He's way better now because he is always with his grandparents when we leave. So he is comfortable because he's in a familiar place everytime. But he also has preference. When I leave he's upset. When daddy leaves he's like 'okay bye'.
latinav latinav 7 years
My son is going through this.. any tips on how to help him get over it? I am not a stay at home mom and he's ok when i drop him off at the sitters but once i get home i can't leave his sight. I can't even leave him at the day care at the gym .
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