Mommy Dearest,

When I dropped my preschool-aged son off at camp this morning, another child was crying inconsolably in a counselor's lap. Several staffers attempted to calm him to no avail. The commotion distracted several other kids who needed to say good-bye to their parents. After 10 minutes of my son clinging to my leg as the other child wailed, I told the camp director that the child was upsetting the other kids and it was a good idea to remove him from the room or to call his parents and ask them to come help. She told me this was part of the tot's daily routine and they were doing their best to comfort him. I found the whole situation upsetting and really wanted to call the director to discuss the matter in more detail, but my husband told me to keep to myself. What would you have done?

– Concerned By Cry Baby

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Concerned By Cry Baby,

Every child deals with separation differently and while this child seemed to have a hard time, it sounds like the camp staff had a kind and comforting approach to dealing with his upset. That would certainly make me feel good about leaving my preschooler in their care. As mothers, we never know when the day will come when our own child is the one sobbing or throwing a fit so I'd simply have some compassion for the tot and accept the director's answer. How would you feel if parents called in complaints on your kiddo?

—Mommy Dearest

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