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Seven Classmates Charged in Brutal School Bus Beating

Seven Classmates Charged in Brutal School Bus Beating

A brutal school bus beating in Ocala, FL, left a teenager unconscious and led to the suspensions and arrests of seven classmates Friday. Officials said the seven Liberty Middle School students, who are between the ages of 12 and 14, kicked and punched the girl as many as 15 times  in front of 74 witnesses and a security camera.

The bus driver tried to stop the fight but the violence continued. He then drove to another nearby school to get help to break up the attack. The seven students were charged with felony battery and disorderly conduct.

Read the whole story.

Is your school community rallying to prevent bullying?

Image Source: Caroline Purser/Getty Images via NY Daily News

AprilThompson70587 AprilThompson70587 5 years
This is so sad it breaks my heart. When did kids stop being kids and how do they decide who is wrong for being different and pick on them? I cant imagine this poor child and her parents. Bullies are so weak inside it makes me sick. Why do kids have to pick on each other.. they are KIDS! they shouldnt have to worry about stuff like this happening to them!
MindiHudsonSmith MindiHudsonSmith 5 years
This sickens me. Both my children have experienced the receiving end of being bullied. What is wrong with these parents making excuses for what has happened. Maybe if these parents took time and actually spent time with their kids and knew what they were doing things like this wouldn't happen. I honestly feel that the parents need to be held accountable and charged. Bullying needs to stop being shoved under a rug and as if it doesn't exist.........The principal and counselor at our school pit my daughter in a friend group with the girls that are doing the bullying and sat that it helps them work out their problems. Really......sure in class everything is good but the minute out of sight it begins all over again and the are only 8. My prayers go out to the family and I pray that everything is done that can be done for their child.
MelissaEllard MelissaEllard 5 years
my son is in kindergarten- in canada we have 2 years and he was in junior kindergarten one year with this one boy and thankfully the school realized the bad combination and split them up this year into 2 different classes because he does bully my son. I don't think people realize how much kids do to each other. I keep telling my son how to stand up in smart ways for himself and have told the daycare about how my son does not like him because of how mean he is the daycare has known it. However i don't think sometimes in all environments they realize how mean some children can be and sometimes parents and ALL educators need to be aware and have a knock in the face when it comes to bully's! It is everyone's responsibility to make sure a child is safe!
TinaAlvarez88785 TinaAlvarez88785 5 years
They need to be expelled and put in Juvi. This is assault and battery, pure and simple.
SuzanneReed87630 SuzanneReed87630 5 years
This is the worst display of parenting. I am so sick of kids hurting other kids and no one says anything about the parents being responsible in any way. These "anti-bullying" laws need to be HARSH. They need to fine the parents heavily and punish the kids that are bullying. Maybe if these parents were actually held accountable they might take an interest in their child's behavior.
carrieknowlton carrieknowlton 5 years
omg, it is so bad. my daughter has been bullied since the beginning of 8th grade and now she is a freshman and it is still happening. Now it is a boy who is doing the bullying. The school chalks it up to being a crush.
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
My precious daughter is entering middle school next year - this article terrifies me!
HeatherRichards66974 HeatherRichards66974 5 years
It makes me sad to see kids this young causing this kind of harm. so wrong.
CoMMember13631160470332 CoMMember13631160470332 5 years
Sad indeed in this era
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