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Does This Sex Ed Book Cross the Line?

It is not uncommon for parents to use kid-friendly books to explain the birds and bees. One such resource, however, has many Missouri parents dropping their jaws in disgust. Available as an ebook, It's Perfectly Normal ($13) uses cartoon images to explain puberty, sex, and sexual health. Although the book is intended for children ages 10 and older, many parents believe it is inappropriate for a school setting.

"It has a lot of explicit drawings," Tim Schmidt, a father of two in the Francis Howell School District, tells a local news station. "It actually shows people having sex." Schmidt has filed a formal complaint to have the book removed, but school district officials are "determined to keep the ebook available as a resource for check-out in the library."

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sarahklein1376571579 sarahklein1376571579 3 years

That is not what I said, I said 90% of service to the pregnant were abortion. Not as a percentage of total service. If you really want to know what is important to PP, see the financial breakdown. Those figures are not easy to get. But look at theses two:
Abortions are more than ten times prenatal services.

MorganHill1362504710 MorganHill1362504710 3 years

I understand Darlene's side. It may not be smut to some, but smut to others. Your "sheltered" may be how Darlene has chosen to raise her children. When my children are old enough to understand sex I will explain it to them, or allow the school to if I approve of the material. There is nothing wrong with educating children about their bodies and natural body functions, but there is also nothing wrong with protecting a child's innocence. My kids are only 2, 6 and 7 and when they start asking questions, I will answer honestly and in an age appropriate way. To think of them seeing a picture of adults having sex by 10,though?!? OUTRAGEOUS! In my opinion, it is just a sign of how bad the world has become. Why should your CHILD be so informed about sex? Their changing bodies I get, but SEX? I wouldn't teach my son how to change the oil until I thought he was old enough to do it. If I taught him to do it at 10, he might want to try at 10, get what I'm saying? Its sad to think that a 10 or 11 year old needs to know so much! Maybe the technical part, but actually seeing it? God. A girl should know about her period. But when I was little, I was taught about the basics of sex at 12 or 13, although I knew what my friends had rumored to me and my big sister's half-truths, but was informed in an educational way. I was not made to think that it was just something else to do, like playing cards. I think to teach kids in a "hey its ok everybody does it!" kind of way is dangerous. My goal isn't that they wont know so maybe they wont do it...I'm not that naïve. But I do hope to teach them what I believe: that sex isn't taken lightly and isn't meant for children. It is for responsible adults who are committed to each other. My point is, you may believe that keeping adult things from children makes them sheltered and ashamed of their bodies, but I think, as I believe Darlene does, that children's innocence should be cherished. I was told the bare minimum about sex until my teens and have no shame for my body, no problems having sex with my husband, and didn't have problems making good decisions. I feel that sex and our bodies are to be private, respected, and shared openly with only those we truly care about. There is nothing wrong with that.

sarahklein1376571579 sarahklein1376571579 3 years

Firstly parents need to get more involved what the schools teach our children and what is available at school.

I want to throw this into the mix:

sarahklein1376571579 sarahklein1376571579 3 years

I'd like you to see if you can see where the nonpartisan website got there figures from. I'm willing to bet it originates from Planned Parenthood and accepted without question.

sarahklein1376571579 sarahklein1376571579 3 years

Sorry Tiffany, let me clarify.

I mean to say I oppose the book teaching how to have sex, the sex positions etc. - not something they need to know until they are adults, even then, I had a lot of fun learning together with my husband. I did not mean to say sex is bad. It is created by God, sex is good, (including masturbation). Sex is beautiful wonderful and powerful, what I see of this book is that it falls a long why short of what sex is, it only has the physical aspect. (And I wouldn't have four kids if I didn't like it.)

Regarding Planned Parenthood: if you believe their figures you are being naïve. They have a history of lying, even telling their staff to lie, you can find plenty of evidence on the internet. PP distorted the analysis to come up with 3%, real figure is 12%. And as to their service the pregnant, 98% of that is abortion.

This link is just one of many to support my figures.

GeorgeCooperrider GeorgeCooperrider 3 years

While I wouldn't want my daughter to see it, the sad fact is that OUR CHILDREN (& NO I'm NOT going anywhere near that "It takes a village to raise a child" that the Clintons tried to shove down our throats 20 years ago) can see pretty much the same thing on cable/satellite tv today.
Whether it's in movies or song videos, it's still there.

kjforce kjforce 3 years

As Parents, did we not have sex which resulted in the children we speak of ? We are Adults, why would we have a problem explaining to our children " the facts of Life " ?
To be honest I would feel more comfortable having my children learn the subject from me, rather than the street.
When my G-C started asking questions, we pulled out my old Medical books and we started the discussion.. AGE APPROPRITE...never elaborating past the original question. I always reminded them to not discuss with their friends, as their parents may not want their children to know...It has helped both the children ( boy & girl) to not only understand their own body, thoughts and emotions, but that of the opposite gender.
We have emphasized the feelings that should accompany sexual relationships, by each child knowing how their body works and why, helps self-esteem/confidence /responsibility in making good decisions in their actions.
Keeping children motivated and busy with outside activities.. also helps them to stay healthy and positive about themselves.
Thanks for sharing, interesting article. AND YES it crosses the line !

BrookeFront BrookeFront 3 years

I don't disagree with you. As parents we should be prepared to speak to our children about safe sex and the concept of abstinence. However, I do not believe the majority of children taught abstinence practice it. Teaching your children about safe sex is very important.

My children are 2 and 3 years old. I do not plan on lying to them or acting like they will just be abstinent. Of course My husband and I want them to be safe and wait for the right person. I do not advocate having sex with everyone. That is dangerous in so many ways!

I will talk to my children openly about sex and the way their bodies are changing. I would rather then find out from me or an educational book than to find out through the internet or their friends. At least and educational book or a parent can explain things to them with a guiding hand.

My children are too intelligent for me to act like they can't handle learning about sex when they are starting to mature. I don't think I'll be explaining the "birds and the bees" to them anytime soon, but when they get to be an age where sex is discussed with friends (age 10 or older | which is scary, btw) I will sit down and discuss it with them.

I will not be "just throwing them a condom." I will act like a parent. That means I want my children to be educated so they can make the right decisions with or without me.

Still, I believe people are making way to big of a deal out of this.

ChelseaDuarte7484 ChelseaDuarte7484 3 years

Brooke, I am surprised at your response as a mother. I think you are a little bit misinformed. In truth not EVERYONE does it and your children shouldn't be expected to. Just because the media makes it look as though everyone does it, I have known many young people who have successfully waited for marriage to give themselves away. Also, even if everyone did do it, wouldn't you want to set your children up for safe committed sex and a lasting, successful relationship by making encouraging them to stay abstinent?

I haven't seen the book either, but as a mother I want to make my children feel empowered to make good decisions. Telling them that everyone's doing it and it's no big deal is not empowering them, It's taking their legs out from under them by making them feel that you don't believe they can wait. Most often than not, children will become who their parents believe they can be, so expect the best from them not the worst. I lived with an abusive father and am also an ECE teacher. I know how conditioning works. I know very well that if you build your children up and encourage them to make good decisions instead of just throwing them a condom, (which doesn't always protect them anyways) you are giving them the confidence to make good, positive decisions for themselves. I also know that if you treat your children as if they can't make good decisions or do things for themselves, they will most likely grow up believing that and acting that out. On the other hand, I know first hand that when you treat a child like their stupid or incapable, that is what they will grow up believing. Speak positive things over your children, believe positive things for them and they will be more likely to become the kinds of people that you want them to be.

This is exactly why I have decided to homeschool my children. The things that they are teaching children in school are increasingly getting worse, and now they want to teach children that they have no gender? I don't think so. Not my children! It's good to inform them, not brainwash them!

Crystal82247 Crystal82247 3 years

This short article may be deliberately making people think the book is being rejected by some bc it teaches about anatomy and sex. However it completely leaves out that this book has value judgements in it that are not educational nor scientific but are rather social, political, or religious/secular. It states as fact that homosexuality is normal and that people who think its wrong are fearful or misinformed and don't have the facts. It's pro-homosexuality, not neutral (neutral would just inform kids what's out there and not put a value judgment on it.)

JanetFox9465 JanetFox9465 3 years

Please, tell me HOW the science and biology of sexuality is smut?!?! I feel terribly sorry for your children who are going to be shell shocked and unable to make good decisions when they are in a position in life from which you kept them sheltered and did not educate them properly! It is sad that you feel shamed by the human body and its sexuality.

JanetFox9465 JanetFox9465 3 years

People need to understand that the act of sex and reproduction is highly scientific and can be presented as such! The science of it is not pornographic, in any way! We need to let kids learn completely and sexual education is extremely important! Get past your hangups and educate your children, COMPLETELY AND PROPERLY! Don't just give them the information you are comfortable with or THINK that they need to know. It's a shame that this is even an issue!

JenniferHowze1371606996 JenniferHowze1371606996 3 years

It's interesting that some of the comments here talk about the book being "graphic" or concerned about it showing too much. You can see some of the contents on Amazon via the "look inside" function and it's refreshing that a book shows with cartoons the different types of bodies: older bodies, a man in a wheelchair, a woman with crutches, old and young. The book also stresses that having sex / making love is an important decision and that it's best to wait until you are ready for all the repercussions. These sound like positive messages to me: that every body shape is "normal", that sex isn't something dirty or scary but neither is it something you should just do without thinking. Good for the school officials standing up for proper sex education for all children.

angelalawrence43437 angelalawrence43437 3 years

There is a difference between teaching them about the repercussions of having sex and actually teaching them how to have sex. The book is available to ten year olds for crying out loud. And teaching TEENAGERS about sexual health in the controlled environment of a classroom is one thing, but to make it available to them to check out anytime they please is an entirely different matter. Do you really think they are going to be checking the book out for the purpose of learning about health? No. They are going to be checking it out just to see the dirty pictures. And back to the issue of it being available to kids as young as TEN.

Mayada52288 Mayada52288 3 years

These types of material highlight what you do not want your kid doing. It's the sexually grafic images that highten the mystic of this forbidden fruit. It's not wrong to teach kids, it's how you do it. Kids are curious. It begins in the home, you are responsible for your child. Any parent that takes offense to parents that are conservative about this material is probably the type of parent that isn't really involved in thier children's education/ censorship much anyway.

eriennebrown eriennebrown 3 years

The issue is while you may be a great parent who is ready to take on this subject many are not. Some think if no one talks about it their kids wont find out, when really they know and the parents are the ones in the dark. Or parents do not care or not around. This leads to kids learning the wrong things about sex. When the school teaches it, its taught by someone who is educated to teach kids and will tell them the truths and how to be safe. I dont know if its like it was in my day when parents could opt out. Home school is always an option if you rather teach everything your way or private schools where you have more say. Too many young teems have un safe sex to play back and forth games on the topic

DebbieGriffin71324 DebbieGriffin71324 3 years

It's wonderful that you explained everything to your daughter however not all parents do. And if she's clear on everything what does it hurt to discuss it at school? It's a biological thing, how does understanding it violate morality?

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