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Sex Education in Grammar School

When Should Sex Education Be Introduced in School?

Parents may have discussed the birds and the bees with their kids, but when should schools enter the conversation? Teen pregnancy is a national issue, but if sex ed starts too late, tweens and high schoolers may already be active. Forty-five percent of LilSugar readers said it was never too early to chat with their children.

In an age appropriate way, when do you think the topic should first be broached by educators?

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danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
1st, but age appropriate material. 5th grade (the one with the most votes) might be too late, there are kids having sex and getting pregnant at that age.
katialoves katialoves 7 years
the puberty stuff...sometime before puberty..say 4th grade. i guess a discussion on sex and bc would also be good before puberty. keep it scientific with facts instead of telling kids to feel or not feel guilty, etc. however kids should be given info on private parts asap (kindergarten), and know that they should come to someone they trust if they get touched etc. this is also good because they could be victimized not only by an adult but by another kid at school. teach them that its not their fault, and not to go with strangers, etc anything necessary to avoid danger. this should be done at school because some parents don't do it and some parents/family members also abuse their kids sad that we have to do this but for their protection what choice do we have?
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
The problem with sex ed in schools is that kids mature differently. I was mature enough to learn about sex in second grade. (Not just boys and girls are different - the whole process of intercourse and pregnancy.) My sister did not learn until she was 8 or 9. I have cousins who did not learn until 10, a friend who did not learn until 12. It all depends on how mature and ready the parents consider their child to be. Personally I think it's a moot point to introduce the concept of intercourse to a child under 6. Most kids under that age will laugh the second you say "penis" or "vagina." The other problem is religion. I come from a Christian household. My mother taught me that sex is between a man and a woman who love each other, it binds people together, it is something that involves all of your emotions, etc. Now I think most parents will agree with that, but what about parents who want their kids to know that sex is for married couples only? I think sex should be avoided in schools until at least fifth grade. If parents want to introduce it prior to that, that is their decision. I really wish it could be as simple as "Every individual parent should decide when to introduce sex," but if my best friend's parents had it their way, she still wouldn't know where babies really come from. It's sad, but true that some parents want to avoid sex. It's a healthy, natural process and should be treated as such.
psterling psterling 7 years
I think sex education should happen early and often. Even starting in kindergarten with the basics of how boys and girls are different and adding a to the curriculum each year according to their maturity level. That way kids are comfortable with the subject and not bombarded all at once with information overload. Sex isn't a one-time conversation to have with children, its an on-going discussion. At least it should be!
Roarman Roarman 7 years
At my daughters school they started in thrid grade. They weren't taught about sex, but they were taught about their bodies and the changes they will go through. They separated the girls and boys (mainly to help with embarassment in front of the opposite sex) and each group learned about the changes that would occur for their gender and then they would switch and learn what the other gender will go through. Next year (fifth grade for my daughter) they might touch on the subject of sex more.
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