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Sharing Diaper Bags

BabySugar Diaries: Separate Diaper Bags For Mom and Nanny

A woman's purse can be an extension of her personality. While some are neat and organized, others can be likened to a black hole where only its owner knows where to find things. So when a woman begins to use her diaper bag as her primary satchel, it begins to take on a personality of its own.

On the playground this weekend, a friend spent five minutes sifting through her diaper bag in search of a pack of wipes before throwing her hands up in disgust and announcing that she was off to buy a new bag — giving the current one to her nanny and getting a new one for her own use on weekends. I've also noticed other moms carrying designer diaper sacks on the weekend, while their caregivers tote along less pricey versions during the week. Ninety-three percent of LilSugar readers think parents should pay for a diaper bag, but should mama have a separate one for herself?

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mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
For a while, I shared a diaper bag with my nanny but I have learned that we all have different ways of organizing our lives and I figured she could use one and I would buy a new (and maybe funkier) one. Why get frustrated with the way my nanny uses the bag during the day when she uses the diaper bag more than I do?!?
Sasorisa Sasorisa 7 years
A separate one is good if you organize things differently. When my mother packs a bag for when we go out, I have no clue where everything IS!
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