Sheryl Crow and Son Wyatt Crow 2009-06-15 12:00:18
Sheryl Crow Rocks, Rolls and Is Raising a Lil Humanitarian

For all the fame and fortune that has come her way, mama Sheryl Crow seems to keep a modest head on her very sculpted shoulders. Mother to adorable two-year-old Wyatt, the talented crooner has overcome quite a few obstacles in the public eye while maintaining a genuine smile and staying true to herself. On her biggest parenting task, she said:

I know I have a responsibility... As a mom, the biggest thrill for me, but most humbling role is raising my kid as a humanitarian. I want him to grow up feeling he can do something for people less fortunate.

By attending events like "Stamp Out Violence" and publicly speaking out on breast cancer, the philanthropic rock star is practicing what she preaches. By the time he enters school, lil Wyatt may be singing, "All I wanna do is volunteer."


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