As a kid, I would have given most anything for a four-day school week. More weekend time to play with friends and avoid homework would have been heavenly, though it would have meant missing out on the social interaction that the schoolhouse often provided. If the economy stays on the current track (sigh), youngsters all over may be cheering for joy.

As gas, energy, and food prices reach record highs, school districts are scrambling to come up with solutions to save money. Quick to the top of the agenda: cutting the school week by one day. As many government offices have already downsized their work weeks to four days, schools are following suit. Administrations are hoping that the snipped school week will decrease spending while improving attendance and performance for students.

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New Mexico, Florida, and South Carolina are a few of the states that might join Kentucky and Louisiana on the four-day schedule. Other districts are raising lunch prices and cutting bus routes in an effort to keep prices manageable. While the district and state may be financially rewarded for such methodical planning, families will have to address issues such as daycare, transportation, after-school activities, etc.

What are your thoughts on a shorter school week?