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Should Jon and Kate Plus 8 Come Back For Season 5?

On the season (and perhaps series) finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Gosselins said the filming of season five was uncertain. While it seems Kate is now comfortable in front of the cameras, Jon is a bit frustrated with all the publicity. What do you think the couple should do?

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suzanne-V suzanne-V 8 years
I think people need to give Kate a break she's a strong women who has a wimp for a husband and is doing the best she can, Why feel sorry for Jon he can make his own decisions, why do we have problems with a women who know what she needs to do and says and does it. No need to feel sorry for Jon he's a big boy and it's their arrangement. Lets face it they have received many reward from this. no pity party.
MacDre MacDre 8 years
When Jon said that in the interview, about not being able to go out as "Jon" anymore... I see his point, and of course -- every celebrity (or anyone with any degree of notoriety) loses a certain amount of privacy. But if this comment was indeed in regard to his presence at that college party -- give me a break! So rather than skipping the frat parties because he is a FATHER (let alone a well-known father), he would rather continue partying and not do the show? Ugh. I hope his comments were made just to generate interest in the next season, because if he's serious that's ridiculous. I understand that he married and started a large family extremely young, and I don't begrudge him going out or having a social life. But he needs to stay away from college parties and just go to a bar or something like a normal thirtysomething. Just my two cents!
MichLee MichLee 8 years
I wanted to let you know that I am praying for the two of you. I hope that you will be able to find peace within yourselves in order to be truly happy. I am currently a single mom and understand how hard it is to keep a marriage strong. I know when having children it is even harder. I currently have a 4yr old boy and at times feel like I don't even know who I am anymore. With a 4yr old I feel that I can not leave him out of my sight for very long and feel very compelled to teach him all he is wanting to know. I absolutely love him with all of my heart but at times feel torn. You know I would miss you if you decided to leave but I would hope that you would have been able to really listen to each others wants in order to find peace with what ever you decided to do. Cordially, Michelle
Bebeshopper Bebeshopper 8 years
I think the novelty for this kind of show is wearing off. Now, it seems like these large families are everywhere on TLC. Plus, I think the whole "Octomom" thing has shown that fruitcakes out there might start trying to jump on the TLC gravy train and/or expecting society to foot the bill for their desire to squeeze out a bunch of kids. It has just changed the whole feel of the Jon & Kate thing. Now, it seems like a circus freak show, instead of someone accidentally got pregnant with several children while undergoing infertility treatments. Now, it feels like these shows are starting to influence others into trying to have lots of kids for financial gain and their 15 minutes of fame on TLC.
cames1 cames1 8 years
if you guys paid attention you would know they are already filming season five, check out emerill's twitter page, scroll down to march 11, he mentions filming their hundredth eposide, and since season four ended with number 93 then i guess it is safe to say they have made up their minds, way before the airing of the so called possible series finale, lol.......
clew001 clew001 8 years
I love this show. I love watching the kids play and I love seeing how their lives have progressed.I hope it continues, but if not I hope that the family stays together because I didn't realize how many haters were out there. Best of luck to them!
NoSheepleHere NoSheepleHere 8 years
I was an admin on a J&K group (not fan group just discussion on the show group) and after a while I not only stopped watching the show, that I once found interesting, but I left the group all together. PPl. are blinded by J&K, they swear that J&K are near perfection and the dysfunction their followers call normal makes me fear for their own children. I say cancel this show and throw all the tapes out so I never have to know or hear or see anything about them again. I am sick to death of them and NOT because I envy ANYTHING about them but because they give stressed ppl, ppl. with many kids, ppl. with multiples, Christians, etc... a real bad reputation through their actions. Just gross! Plus the take the free and donated things they are given and sell them to consignment places. They are just the most vial ppl. them and their supporters. UGH! To be a christian (as they claim to be) is to TRY to be Christ like, the way she talks to her husband is SO disrespectful, the way she treats her kids is so rude, the way they don't discipline their children. I can go on but what would be the point? I don't mean spanking (when I write discipline) but ur kid is throwing a fit and u say "Oh it's Maddy". Or u see ur kid walked in from school to the bday party u are throwing her and she kicks the balloons and stomps away and her mother just (literally) waves her off. I mean as a mother u would think she would STOP (for once) talking to the dang camera and oh, I don't know maybe go check in on ur child whom u know gets teased at school because she's on TV and she hates not having some privacy in her own home because of the 6 screaming toddler siblings and cameras fallowing her around. What a great mother! I think it takes two ppl. to be unfaithful. Kate is the most neurotic person out there and she needs to be out of the lime light maybe then she'll need her family again and make some amends with them. And if there are any J&K crazies out there that are going to come after me, get a life oh and grow up. I have a right to my opinion no one has the right to harass me for it.
shan4606 shan4606 8 years
I think they have grown from caring, valued people whom showed morals and how rough it was to struggle raising 8 children, and now they are spoiled and used to having everything handed to them, and lost all value of what made them popular...and Kate bitches waaaaay to much.Jon is a good man putting up with her.
67Heaven 67Heaven 8 years
I agree with most of the posts. J & K + 8 is getting a bit ridiculous. It just seems that J & K alienate a lot of family and friends with their arrogant, privileged attitude. My concern is for the kids. It seems as though they are VERY unhappy all the time. Arguing, fussing, undisciplined. J & K are teaching the wrong lessons to their kids - "We are privileged and everyone owes us and we are going to take every freebie we can get while the getting is good" attitude. Just look at all the photo ops, those kids are not smiling like they are a happy family. There is just something in their eyes that says it all and gives it away that these kids had better march to the drummer or all hell will break loose later, it is more or less a zoo with this reality show. Jon is a joke and acts like a self-absorbed, pompous jerk. Kate knows Jon is a self-absorbed, pompous jerk and is the one that needs to take control and make sure things get done and you can see her frustration with him. Jon has been enjoying the cash cow show until he got caught. "While the cat is away, the mice play." The re-newing of the vows in Hawaii, what a joke! The insincerity, the skanky pretense, the kids undisciplined at what should have been a sacred moment. Naw, it was all for the money and putting on the show. What's with Kate's parents? Why aren't they around? She probably has very wise parents that didn't want to be a part of this dog and pony show and if the truth really be known, they probably didn't want Kate to marry Jon. I sure hope whatever the problem Kate has with her parents and family, she will be quick to patch it up before it is too late. Kate needs all the help and support she can get, especially from family. I really admire the parents for staying in the background. Maybe Kate will come to her senses and realize who really loves and cares about her and her kids. I hope and pray that they all get counseling, the sooner the better for the kids before they are totally ruined, especially Mady! J & K call Mady "high maintainence." SAD! This is one very good reason to NOT HAVE A 5TH SEASON, so that they can step back and evaluate what the most important priorities are - THE PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL welfare of their kids and their marriage. It doesn't take a mental heavyweight to figure this out except the money has them blinded. I just think all the freebies have gone to Kate's head and greed has set in. The only way they can now afford to live the lifestyle is for Kate to get out on the road with her "meetings" while Jon just sits back doing nothing except whine about not being able to go out in public without being recognized. Well, Jon, you certainly went out in public and got recognized alright!! Maybe they need to have the SUPERNANNY come and visit them and get things straightened out with the kids, especially Mady. Mady has some major emotional and psychological problems that J & K just seem to ignore, hoping it will go away with age. Gosh! are they in for a rude awakening!! Let's hope for the welfare and mental health of this family they hang it up for good so that they can become a family and get some counseling.
quivondra quivondra 8 years
there needs to a show about a couple that decides NOT to have kids. Maybe they could travel around the world and we can watch them shop and dote on eachother. I'm not even being sarcastic.. I'm a bit done with the "hey, we have a buttload of kids" shows. After JK+8 and 17 Kids and Counting.. over it!
chicchick chicchick 8 years
This show used to be fun to watch. My husband & I are navigating our Tivo list from this season & hate to admit that the show is booooooooring! 30 minutes spent on trips to the dentist? They are reaching for "show topics". And I'm tired of seeing them on vacations - I mean business trips - all the time. Kate is increasingly more irritating with every show. I'm so glad you all mentioned her "career" - what is that about?! She is living in a bubble! And it seems like Jon isn't even "working" now - what happened to their friend Beth & her husband? Why do they seem to just be isolated in their world? I'm sure a lot of that is editing, but still... I vote for specials on the family every now and then.
defygrav12 defygrav12 8 years
Kate makes me gag.
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
I'm always hesitant about stating my opinions about this show because I find that if I say something negative, some people jump all over it and freak out. But the truth is I agree with pretty much everyone else here. The show started out as something really fun and great, and it was an interesting way to gain insight into the everyday life of a family with a large number of kids. It is not that same show anymore. Every other episode is a free vacation or a free outing. Tonnie, I agree with pretty much all of your comments! I cringe at the way Kate treats Jon, and I agree with what someone else said - if it was a man talking to his wife that way, people would not accept it at ALL. With all that said, I do love the kids and they are the reason I have continued to watch despite the things that really bother me about the show. I agree that a few specials a year would be a good way for people to see what's going on with the kids and how they're growing up.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
I take my original comment back, this will make me watch table for 12. "In contrast, I saw the new "Table for 12" show this week, and how refreshing that was! The cameras were there, that's about the only thing it had in common with J & K. They don't dress their kids for the cameras, they don't bash one another, and they genuinely seem to love the family they've created. And the way they accomodate their special needs child, Rebecca - well, that's just amazing, it really is. One of the kids said, of Rebecca's cerebral palsy, "She took one for the team," meaning she was the only special needs child of the sextuplets, therefore bearing the weight of the complications they all could've had. Something about that, the way he put that - it was so lovely. As is the rest of the family - genuinely lovely."
cupcake345 cupcake345 8 years
I have read thru all the comments and no one has mentioned how in their old house there were bible verses posted throughout the house, there are none in the new house, I think they have lost their focus (family) and are consumed by how much they can accumulate.
Tonnie Tonnie 8 years
Marmalade, I'm glad you said it first. I cannot STAND watching the increasingly poor attitude of Mady... it's rare to see her when she's not being a complete brat. That kid needs some help. The whole "poor me" attitude of Kate and Jon kind of gets old, too. Okay, you've got eight kids, we get that. They're a handful, yes, okay. But my God, you've also got more privalege and more opportunities than almost ANY other family I've ever seen, so enough with the whining! Kate acts like it's some great thrill for her to "appear" with the kids anywhere, when actually she has absolutely no endearing qualities except the ability to birth many babies simultaneously. Which we all know (thanks to Nadya Suleman) it takes no brains or class whatsoever to do. I'm also a mother of multiples, and I know my family wouldn't have put up with me if I'd have spent all my time whining over my responsibilities. Man, that would get old. I spent a lot more time being grateful for the blessings that were my children than I did wondering, "Why me?" I don't think the Gosselins ever express how blessed they are, how can they when all they do is complain? I know Kate's a pain, but Jon's no prize, either. Ever notice how, when they're shown special attention (which is always) at a place or event, he rarely smiles or gives any thanks whatsoever to those showering attention and gifts to the family? He acts like it's expected, somehow, like he's above showing any gratitude or even smiling his thanks. Mady is a good example of the results of these negative role models and their we're-better-than-anyone attitude. She's going to be in for a shock if she ever has to get out into the real world and finds out it's not all about her. I'm watching it right now (they're at their "beach house")and if Kate yells one more time, I'm gonna throw this TV out the window! What a miserable show! In contrast, I saw the new "Table for 12" show this week, and how refreshing that was! The cameras were there, that's about the only thing it had in common with J & K. They don't dress their kids for the cameras, they don't bash one another, and they genuinely seem to love the family they've created. And the way they accomodate their special needs child, Rebecca - well, that's just amazing, it really is. One of the kids said, of Rebecca's cerebral palsy, "She took one for the team," meaning she was the only special needs child of the sextuplets, therefore bearing the weight of the complications they all could've had. Something about that, the way he put that - it was so lovely. As is the rest of the family - genuinely lovely. And now ::sigh:: I watch J & K in the private pool of their beach house and yes, they still find something to complain about... that's all they do, honestly. Unbelievable.
cuteshoez cuteshoez 8 years
I would love to see one more season and then just specials after that. You could tell they both were at a crossroads at the end of the finale. I think they would resent each other either way they choose. In my weird thinking, another season should satisfy both of them. Kate will keep getting her gigs while still in the spotlight and Jon will not have to worry about how he's gonna pay for their lifestyle... or at least have time to think about what he'd like to do next. side note: those 2 are getting way too orange-y tan... and Kate's hair is the fugness.
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