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Cameron reads tabloids to Lily in a soft tone on Modern Family. Babies rock out to Katy Perry's "California Gurls" and songs with profane lyrics. If a tot is too young to talk, does the content of the texts read to them or the music played in their presence matter? What's your opinion?Photos copyright 2010 ABC Inc.

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danaruth danaruth 6 years
With all the choices available to us (hundreds of channels on TV, dozens of styles and channels of music on the radio, libraries full of books) there is no reason NOT to filter what gets into your child's mind. I'm not saying that everything in your life has to immediately become baby-centric once your child is born, but as a parent, it's your responsibility to show your children what you value. Just like I wouldn't feed my baby soda or candy, I don't swear in front of her, listen to music with foul or degrading lyrics, or watch scary or suggestive television with her around. Children are sponges, and instead of "censoring" what she hears / sees / learns, I present her with the best of things to help her learn and prosper.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
For infants I don't think it matters. For kids who are talking and learning social cues, absolutely. I think that age depends on the kid. I stopped listening to suggestive music and watching Family Guy in front of him when he was around 2.
starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
Absolutely. I don't obsess over it, but some things I just don't want her to be exposed to. I wouldn't want her to get her hands on tabloids until I can't avoid it anymore. There is so much that could negatively influence in the body issue departement...And I don't think LL's coke binges are a little child's business. Just the other day I had to change the station because 'Love the way you lie' came on and I think that song has a horrible message.
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