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Should Parents Lose Custody of Obese Kids?

Should Parents Lose Custody of Obese Kids?

Is feeding your kids an unhealthy diet a form of child abuse or neglect?

As CNN reports, researchers from Harvard University have suggested that severely obese children should be removed from their homes.

“State intervention may serve the best interests of many children with life-threatening obesity, comprising the only realistic way to control harmful behaviors,” the authors wrote.

With an estimated 17% of U.S. children considered obese, the researchers' contention touches a nerve for many parents.


Read the full story here.

Do you think severely obese children should be placed in foster care?

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robinronk robinronk 5 years
I am a foster care case manager and those of you agreeing with this nonsense should walk a week in the shoes of a case worker. Removing children from their parents creates DEEP trauma. i work with some extremely damaged children one of which I have just had to send to residential treatment because of his emotional damage. There are certainly alternatives to removal such as education. In this day and age you are damned if you don't feed your children and damned if you do. Walk a day in the life of a foster child, you may have a more intelligent response to this article.
holli71640 holli71640 5 years
I think if a child is morbid obese (as in eight and weighs 110) with heart and liver problems because of what they fed, then yes they should be taken to a home that will provide a proper diet and exercise, while their parents take classes on how to help their child live a healthier life.this should take place when its life threatening, not just because the kids a little chubby.
MistiMyers MistiMyers 5 years
WOW! Whats next! Harvard has no Evidence that shows that it would even help the child.. None of you posting on here have most likly ever been in states custody! ( not that I have but many of my friends have) you are dumb to think that it would help the child! bc it wouldn't some homes are way worse then the home they were in. Yes I believe that is should be addressed but not in this manner. you should give them special counciling on how they should feed there kids and be put on a plan with an alloment on what foods they can and can't buy!
SarahWhite24175 SarahWhite24175 5 years
Who would check in on them? Aren't there enough kids NOT being monitored by their designated social worker because they have too many cases already? Seriously!?! If healthier food were as inexpensive as fast food and as readily available, maybe we all would have better weight control.
AthenaHaegele AthenaHaegele 5 years
no..what about severely underweight children? They should be in more of a focus than "fat" children!!
JenniThomas85040 JenniThomas85040 5 years
no is my initial opinion , as many other previous posts have indicated there are many reasons why a child may be obese and this should be looked into first. Support individually per case should be made available then if all else fails other options ie. foster care may be necessary.
MistiMyers MistiMyers 5 years
SkyeWallin SkyeWallin 5 years
Yes, there is no reason for children to become obese. They are also not talking about the children who are just over weight. They are talking about the ones who are morbidly obese, but I don't think they should be taken away right away. I think that Child Services should step in & monitor the family first & require the family to take healthy eating courses. If the family's eating & exercise routine doesn't change, that's when the children should be taken away.
ChristineCulley ChristineCulley 5 years
I feel if the parents are the route of the problem then yes the children should be removed. As a mom of 2 children, I focus on what my children eat excessively. It isn't hard to control obesity and for parents that have obese children, something should be done. If parents don't make the effort to improve their child's eating habits and health, they are pretty much slowly killing their children. It is not fair to the children as they do not know any better and if they are not taught, they will never learn proper eating habits.
jacquebreencase jacquebreencase 5 years
what do about heredity. next we will be taking kids a way if they are blond. that is crazy
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