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Should Police Have the Right to Taser Pregnant Women?

Should Police Have the Right to Taser Pregnant Women?

Two years ago, when Seattle mom Malaika Brooks was seven months pregnant, she was tasered to the point of collapse by three police officers over her refusal to sign a speeding ticket. Brooks, who was driving her son to school and had to go to the bathroom, accepted the ticket but didn't sign...which led to the use of the stun gun. When she sued over the police officers' use of excessive force, they defended their actions — and were commended by Chief Judge Alex Kozinski.

Brooks' story is in the news again as an appeal of the initial ruling will be reviewed next week — by the Supreme Court. The officers want their right to use stun guns on pregnant women to be protected.

But as writer Nsenga K. Burton points out, "What society says about mothers and how mothers are treated are two different things. . . .What is the world coming to when three police officers need a Taser to arrest an unarmed pregnant woman?"


Read the whole story (The Root)

Image Source: Herman Turnip via Flickr/Creative Commons

JenniferCovert83938 JenniferCovert83938 5 years
I went and read an article about what happened. The woman was speeding in a SCHOOL zone. She was going 32 in a 20 mile an hour zone. The officers were trying to have her sign the ticket that she was disputing. All she had to do was sign it and if she wanted to dispute it she can go to court. She didn't do this. She refused. They spoke with their supervisor which told them to go ahead and arrest her then. She refused to get out of the car. They showed her the taser first and said they would tase her. She didn't comply so they tased her. No sympathies here for her. My husband was a cop and I totally sympathies with what he has to go through. Women lie all the time saying their pregnant and are in labor to try and get away with breaking the law. Some aren't even pregnant when they try that. Cops risk their lives every day for very little money. We couldn't live on my husbands paycheck alone. They don't get gratitude for all that they do. Can't tell you how many times my husbands patrol car almost got rammed by drunk drivers. They work long hours to protect you and rarely get any gratitude and little pay. My husband worked 12 hour days not including when he got stuck at work finnishing up cases. A lot of times he'd get home and sleep for a little bit only to have to get up again to go to court. All of you who down grade police might want to think about this. Who do you call when your being threatened, house is broken into, beaten up, hurt, car stolen, etc? If you hate the police so much then don't call them. People lie about the police all the time. Luckily technology has made cameras and microphones the cops wear so it can clear up the lies. I know not all cops are good but there's a lot of good ones out there. Oh, and consider this, while the pregnant woman was speeding in the school zone, she could have hit and killed someone else's baby that was walking to or from school.
Amira227 Amira227 5 years
This is just sad.
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