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Should Your Newborn Twins Sleep Together?

Should Your Newborn Twins Sleep Together?

Rachel, a mom of newborn twins, wonders if she should keep her babies together when they sleep or give them separate spaces. As it turns out, this is a common question among parents of newborn twins, and even among parents whose children are close in age. Will they feel safer sleeping together? Or will they disrupt one another's sleep?

Here, culled from discussions on Circle of Moms, is a look at what to consider when figuring out the optimal sleeping arrangement for your newborn twins.

Sleep Habits

Moms of twins say the biggest consideration should be your babies' dispositions and sleep habits. Although many moms start out with their twins in the same crib, this seems to work well only for babies who "really like to sleep," as a Circle of Moms member named Laura points out. More often, twins are quite different in their sleep patterns and rhythms, so one baby's sleep is disrupted by the other.


India, who refers to her twins in this context as "Fussybutt A" and "Fussybutt B" shares that at varying times during their first year, both of her twins had difficulty napping. Just as one would get cozy the other would wake him up. Keeping them together proved to be a logistical nightmare. Once they were separated, they both slept better — as did mom!



For many, twins' genders also figure into this equation. Most Circle of Moms members who have weighed in on this issue plan to eventually separate opposite-gender twins. And, as Jessi G. shares, if you're going to separate them, you should do so early so that it's not a big adjustment for them later. But several moms, including Mallorie M. and Laura, are fine with their boy/girl twins sleeping together.

For Mallorie, the end point to this is when her twins reach school-age. For Laura, the end point is up to her kids. At the moment, her boy-girl twins wake when she separates them. She originally intended to put them in their own rooms, worrying that keeping them in one crib would cause them to rouse or even injure one another, but as it turns out, they love sleeping together and protest when they can't. She plans to let them sleep together for as long as it makes sense.


Often, as a member named Patricia points out, there simply isn't enough space in your home to separate twins. Her boy-girl twins have four teenage siblings, so keeping them together is her only option at the moment. Karen's in the same boat, and unlike Laura, her twins tend to wake one another up. She just lets them do their own thing and tries not to control the action. They sleep and cry at different times, but she reports that everyone eventually got used to this pattern and no one seemed worse for wear.

Lindsay C. is another mom who doesn't have enough space to give her twins separate rooms, and furthermore, her babies insisted on sleeping together, protesting loudly when they were separated. The problem is that they also kept each other awake half the night. This mom's solution? She put two small beds in the same room next to each other, and her babies were able to see each other, but not touch. This did the trick. They were reassured by one another's presence, but not pulling each others' hair out! Her story shows that it is possible to keep twins with different sleep patterns in the same room.

The moral of the story? Experiment. You may have an idea about what you prefer and why, but the real test is whether or not it works.

Image Source: Courtesy of Jeremy Miles via Flickr/Creative Commons

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Sharleenkelly1368711524 Sharleenkelly1368711524 4 years
Sorry timed out. She wouldn't wake the other. That is still the case. However now that they are 5 months I sleep them together in a travel cot in my front room during the day as i want to keep night sleeps separate from day. I don't mind that they don't always sleep because they are usually very calm and relaxed in each others company. I sleep them in separate cots at night. They enjoy the company and love to touch and naw each others hands. Aside from sleep they do everything together, feed sleep poo and bath together, the other is usually upset if one is in pain or discomfort, joys of teething BUT put them together and they'll calm soon enough. Good luck. Hope it helps
Sharleenkelly1368711524 Sharleenkelly1368711524 4 years
Hi I have now 5 months old twin girls. At first and only while in hospital my twins slept in the same crib. It was day two that I decided I wanted to separate their sleeping, one because they were born at 6lb 11 and 7lb and were just as big in size. I also decided though I want them to be close, when they go on to school am making friends that they are not each others only friend. So then on they have slept in different Moses baskets and cots but are only place a foot apart so that they can still see each other. They are very close and spend a lot of time wailing at each other which is so cute. I was also very lucky that even when one was crying histerically she wouldn't
Chance43825 Chance43825 5 years
My wife is a twin, and I'm not sure what her mother did as far as co-bedding. But we discussed this with our neonatologist when our girls where in NICU and she informed us that the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages co-bedding in twins because it greatly increases the probability of SIDS. For us, we took the "better safe than sorry" approach. We have two separate pack and plays for them in our bedroom (where they sleep at night...since they were born April 30) and they share a pack and play during the day while we watch them. So, as long as I can watch them, then they can be together. But at night, no way!
karenasay karenasay 5 years
My twin boys wouldn't go to sleep unless they were in the same crib with their heads together. And they both had to be on their stomachs. They are 14 years old now and still sleep in the same room on a bunk bed.
amyolsen42765 amyolsen42765 5 years
my twins slept better in a crib together. they slept together until they started rolling over and pulling each others hair. but once they went to toddler beds i left it up to them. they both had their own bed, but half the time they wanted to be close to each other. now they are 4yrs old, and in a twin size bed, together. and they are so close to each other. they will do things seperate but preferr to be together.
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