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Should parents tell caregivers about their nanny cam

Would You Tell Your Nanny About the Nanny Cam?

Nanny cams provide worrisome parents with a bit of relief — especially after hearing some of the horror stories of bad nannies caught on camera. Once it's set up and ready to go, video monitoring parents need to decide if they are going to let the sitter know he or she's being recorded. As long as the mama follows video and audio surveillance laws, she doesn't legally have to inform her child's caregiver of the camera in her own home.

So what do you think — would you inform your nanny that she's under your watchful eye?

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kerneschick2005 kerneschick2005 7 years
Being the nerd I am, in terms of laws of mass communication, some states DO require that ALL parties involved are informed of the recording (whether it be audio, visual, in someone's private home, etc.) Yes, some states only require one party to know (i.e. the party doing the recording), but some require that all parties be aware. Just something to be aware of...
grablife365 grablife365 7 years
I'd tell them. How would you feel if you suddenly find out you're being taped at work? As an honest and caring person, that would hurt knowing you're not trusted and that you lack any type of privacy.
Danni99 Danni99 7 years
Were I a caregiver, I think I would assume i was being taped regardless of being told or not. I voted to tell the nanny, b/c I think that's the classy thing to do.
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
Would I rather my nanny make a mistake with my child which could be very dangerous, or pressure her into being on her best behaviour because I am watching?!?
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
I truly do not think it is bad to video tape someone if they don't know. Especially if you have employed someone to care for your children. I want to see how they handle situations. It is not like I will be putting the tape on youtube or air it on the internet. I just want to make sure that they are taking the best care of my children. If they know they are being taped at home they may act one way at home but when out and about they may be different. I guess I would use it more right after I hire someone and after I am more comfortable with them then only check the tapes once in a while to make sure the quality of care is still high and the nanny is not getting lazy.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I find the mind set that you should just "trust" your nanny or you shouldn't have them around as basis not to have a nanny cam pretty alarming. You can't ever fully know people, even your spouses have dark secrets they're hiding. Now, im not saying you should run around paranoid, but it is NEVER EVER a problem or ridiculous or you being irrational to watch what goes on when you aren't around. People lie all of the time, and they do not act the same in front of you as they do away from you. This is your child's life and future you're talking about. While I can see that there may be problems with nitpicking, the other side of the page makes me wonder WHY you wouldn't want to be filmed. I have had countless nannying jobs, and found cameras in 2 of them, and was never notified of the taping. It doesnt bother me, becuase i know they want piece of mind about the care their children were receiving. I would probably install a nanny cam if i ever decided to go back to work, becuase I want to know everything that's going on. I don't want to pay someone to abuse, neglect, ignore, or do things I've already deemed unacceptable with my child. You are PAYING them to raise YOUR children, not to be a warm body who does whatever they want. I think its ridiculous to insinuate that every person who has ever discovered their nanny abusing or neglecting their children, didn't "do their homework" with background checks and interviews. Children very often do not tell their parents when things are happening to them becuase of fear, intimidation, and other reasons totally unknown. Another very important thing to remember is that child molesters are more often family then not, and it is in their best interests to be in your best interests as well as someone your child likes and trusts. I would rather film someone for hours of pointless video then run the risk of my children being abused. Remember the nanny that was slinging those infants around, letting them roll off her, putting them in incredibly dangerous situations while she watched tv all day? No one complains about nanny cams when they uncover things like this. If you don't find taking care of children fun or rewarding, then you shouldn't be doing it. Boredom is not an excuse for ignoring kids. You have to care about someone to put your all into it, and no childs life should be at risk for neglect or indifference just because youd rather be watching soap operas. I'd rather know what was going on then wait for someone to slip up.. once a child is abused or worse, there is no going back.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I agree with lola102, if you are suspicious enough of your nanny that you would tape her without her knowledge, then don't hire her. You can get "hunches" about people, and it's foolish if you think there may be a problem and you hire that person anyway. Privacy is a huge issue, and I think it's wrong to tape someone's every action without even letting them know there is a camera in the house. A bad nanny will slip up camera or no camera. Even the best nannies make mistakes, camera or no camera. You can still get a good idea about a person's behavior even if you tell them the camera is in the house.
lola102 lola102 7 years
I am a nanny who is very pro-nanny cam. I think that they can protect the good nannies when kids may lie, or if parents are overly suspicious and paranoid. At the same time, I do believe that nannies should be told because it is wrong to tape someone without their consent. Either way, if you have a good nanny, she will be doing a good job anyways. If you have a bad enough feeling about your nanny that you need to tape her secretly, then don't hire her.
vmruby vmruby 7 years
Of course not.If something's going on I'd want to catch her off guard.What would be the point in putting a camera up if you are going to tell the nanny she's being watched.
grigio12 grigio12 7 years
No, I would want to see the truth, no an act!
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