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Sibling Names Starting With the Same Letter

The Truth Behind Siblings With the Same First Initial

The Truth Behind Siblings With the Same First Initial

When picking children’s names, parents often want something that is pleasing to the ear. Some even turn to poetic conventions, using alliteration to create names and initials that are memorable. 

For example, Circle of Moms member Christina S. named her three boys with the same first letter: Corey, Codi, and Coy. Similarly, Kay S. named her sons Aidan and Aaron.

Moms like Grannia Q. approve, noting that "names with the same letter [are] nice." But Katie G. questions whether the practice is too confusing: "I never understood why people do this," she says. Sydni M., too, wonders whether picking names that start with the same letter is a good idea.


Many Circle of Moms members defend their choice, saying that picking the same first letter for all siblings’ names is not that absurd. Here, they explain their reasoning.

1. The Names Match

Some moms simply use the same initial for their children's names to make the names “match,” says Patricia L., who picked the letter J for all of her children. "I like the J names, so I went with Justin for my first pick. [My] next son needed something to match Justin, so I picked Jacob . . . then Jaylian," she says.

Lee U. is searching for a good S name for her third baby, after naming her first child Sophia Kathrice, and her second Shawn Jacob. "[I] just thought of this so there would be uniformity on their names," she explains.

Sharon T. says there simply was a ring to Kayne and Keith.  Even Nancy R., who did not pick the same letters for her children’s names on purpose, says matching names makes it feel like they’re part of a unit. "You have to admit Kyle and Kayla sound good together," she says.


2. It's an Accident

Not all parents purposely pick matching names, however. Some simply like the sound of certain names, then realize later that the first initials are the same. Patricia S., for example didn’t intentionally pick the letter D. "I wanted my kids to have names also that were unheard of, unfamiliar and different," she says. "My kids' names (Deirdre, Dreanne, Durrell, and Dirrah) just came to me; not really sure [from] where, but they just popped into my head and they stuck."

Dee H. also reveals that using the same first initial for her children’s names was an accident. "I have done this, not on purpose though, just because we liked those names and they just happen to start with the same letter," she shares. "I know you’re wondering how I could not think of it, but it just happened."

Kim says with her first two children, the names she and her husband liked started with H. "When I was expecting my third, we just thought it would be fun to come up with a unique boy name that started with H, and with my fourth, well, hey, we had to continue the tradition." Kim now says the names Hannah, Heidi, Harbor, and Hazel are especially fitting because her family owns a farm, now called 4-H Farms, and her family is heavily involved in the 4-H program.

3. To Follow Tradition

As with Kim’s family, some naming conventions become tradition. Tricia L.’s family, for example, uses Irish names, so she settled on Aileen and Aiden. Kathi P.’s two daughters are named Kristina and Katelyn because she wanted "to do a twist on the Jr. thing," but didn’t want her to have the exact same name. "The K names give us all a special connection," she says.

Following the tradition her husband’s family set, Cassidy M. says if she has a boy, he will have a J name. Her husband’s grandpa is named Jerry and his two sons are Jay and Jerry Jon. "Jay is my husband's dad, and he married Jody. Their two boys’ names are Jayson and Johnathon. Jody's sister's name is Jill, and her husband's name is Jeff. They have three daughters: Jessica, Jordan, and Jaclyn. To think I met everyone in his family all on the same day for his brother's graduation party. I could barely remember his parents’ names," she laughs.

4. It's Economical

Taking a more practical stance, Jody K. says she also picked J names — Justyce, Jayse, John, and Jody — but did so to save money. "Do you know how easy it is when you have hand-me-downs and you have to have your kids' initials in it?" she says

When it comes to naming your children, "the bottom line is that it is all personal preference," says Judy G., who named her children Jada, Jaysen, Jalen, and Julia.  Tina G. agrees, concluding, "It doesn't matter what you name [your children] as long as you feel happy with their names."


Image Source: kvanhorn via Flickr/Creative Commons

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