Sibling Shower: Food and Beverage
Sibling Shower: Food and Beverage

It's time to eat at our sibling shower (small soiree that gets the future big sis or bro used to the idea of having another wee one in the family)! Set out a spread fit for the family's queen bee or lil king. Tempt tots' appetites by playing to a few of the sibling-to-be's favorite foods with a twist. Our menu is made up of swaddled babies also known as babes in blankets, classic macaroni and cheese bowls, and baby carrots with ranch dip. Let lil ones wash it down with some fresh squeezed lemonade and indulge in a pint-size party treat — cookie ice cream sandwiches! Adults will likely nosh and get nostalgic about these childhood staples.

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Babes in blankets: Buy your favorite brand of cocktail weenies and roll them in a store-bought pastry dough cut into triangles Place them on a cooking sheet and pop them in the oven to bake. Allow the concoctions to cool and then create wee faces with an edible ink pen. Condiments like ketchup, mustard and relish can be used to decorate the blankets with pinstripes, floral patterns, and polkadots. Pair it with your child's choice of mac and cheese and baby carrots with ranch dip.

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches: Purchase a pack of Immaculate Baking Company's Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies or another flavor of your choosing. After baking the cookies and allowing them to cool, scoop a ball of ice cream (I used Alden's Organic Mint Chocolate Chip) in the center of one cookie, top with another, and then press the two together until it forms a sandwich. Pour sprinkles or colored sugar on a plate and roll the edges of the sandwich around to collect the decoration. Place the finished goodies back in the freezer to firm up and then serve.

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