While a sibling shower's goal is to get the guest of honor used to the idea of being a big brother or sister so no gifts are required, but those wanting to bring a lil something should purchase a present for the child, not the mama-to-be. We've rounded up a few of our favorite things when it comes to getting tots excited about welcoming a wee one into the family! To check out the details on these options,


  • Sibling Shirts: There are a ton of big brother, lil sister shirts on the market these days, but my new favorite is Babybot's collection. The modern tees ($18) are well made, to the point and then have a special lil comment (coolest) or (cutest) printed beneath the title.
  • Doll and Baby Carrier: Pottery Barn Kids offers plush Abby and Lucy dolls for even the smallest tots. A personalized carrier ($16) allows kids to take care of their babe the way mama and papa tend to the new family member.
  • Baby Bottle: Big siblings like to take on tasks like feeding their wee brother or sister so purchasing a bottle for just them to use makes them feel important.
  • Sophie the Giraffe: This sweet toy ($16) is the perfect one for a big sibling to use to entertain the new addition. It's easy for youngsters to hold and will keep both children entertained.

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