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Being the Single Sibling of Twins Can Be Doubly Difficult

Like peas in a pod. That's how people often describe the relationship between twins who share everything from a birthday to clothes, friends, and toys. But where does another sibling fit into the mix? The extra brother or sister to a set of twins may feel left out when it comes to the bond that his or her siblings created in the womb. Does a brother or sister of twins have as close of a relationship with twin siblings as he or she would if the twosome had been single births?

TashaRomero TashaRomero 5 years
I am the younger sister of twins (girls). Growing up it was hard at times, because often its oh your the twins' sister, the twins this, the twins that. It used to bother me a lot, then in middle school I started not minding as much because I was coming into my own person and didn't want attention on me anyway. Somedays it's just like 3 ordinary siblings, others not. They tend to feel entitled to things, or get very conceited just because they're twins. You can't tell one something, without the other finding out. It's frustrating cause at times I would feel like the only child. Now we're all adults so it's less pressing, but still there. Sometimes the parents don't understand why the single sibling wants to have friends over a lot, but they don't get that the twins have a built in buddy all the time. I think this matter is especially pressing if the twins are identical. It comes with ups and downs. I think it would definitely be easier if the single child was born first before the twins, rather than after. (just my input)
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
Yay, another twin question that I can answer! My twin brother and I are five years older than our singleton brother. I never got along with Little Bro. We fought like crazy all the time. Twin Bro got along with Little Bro when they were kids, and now they hang out together. I only see Little Bro on holidays. That sounds like the relationships among any other three siblings to me!
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