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Sick Kids Sing Katy Perry's "Roar"

Kids' Katy Perry Hospital Video Goes Viral

Some children at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock are proving that their illnesses can't keep their spirits down. Their lip-sync to Katy Perry's song "Roar" is going viral and racking up fans from around the world, Yahoo! Shine reports. The YouTube video of their performance received 70,000 views in the first day with its empowering message.

Video producer Chris Cammock, a Vermont-based graphic designer and creative director, came up with the idea for the video while working on some pro bono branding projects at the hospital where her brother is employed. At the same time, another hospital employee had the same idea, so in one day, they pulled patients and hospital staff together for the filming.

"It was seriously awesome just seeing these kids light up. A lot of them have cancer and don't have a lot of energy," Cammock says. "I was blown away at the enthusiasm and energy." Watch the video. You'll agree their energy is contagious!

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AndreaMelby AndreaMelby 3 years
My son is in the hospital there a lot, but missed the filming of this video. The doctors and nurses there are all awesome and we love how this place is one of the most child-friendly hospitals we have seen.
Tracy15011066 Tracy15011066 3 years
That was so awesome and inspiring!!! And the staff was a part of it, it was amazing to see the light in everyones eyes. Made me cry. I hope they know that they are amazing children and my thoughts and prayers go out to them to get better!!! I hope Katy Perry goes to see them. Now that would make there year!!!!
BridgitteOwens BridgitteOwens 3 years
So inspiring to see these kids and hospital staff in this video. I hope and pray that each an every child recovers and gets home soon!
JeanNystrom JeanNystrom 3 years
OMG, I used to live in NH and know exactly where this place is and I COMMEND YOU ALL MY CHILDREN, I ALSO TOO HAD CANCER. Positive note: I am now a 3 year survivor and all of you are on your way! I LOVE YOU, inspirational to all I will pass this forward. xoxoxoxox
shawnnlively73341 shawnnlively73341 3 years
These kids are just awesome! No child should ever have to endure the trauma of extended hospital stays and illness. This facility looks (and acts) a lot like our local facility in Aurora, and I have to say that the excellent staff have a lot to do with the great attitudes these kids have. Yep, I'm in tears too...Wanna just grab all those kiddos and hug the illnesses away!
DonnaWhitaker80437 DonnaWhitaker80437 3 years
This made me cry!!! God Bless those little children!!
RondaScottCopple RondaScottCopple 3 years
Very moving video... with all the bad videos out lately it's good to see something good come out of what could be tragic in these dear children's lives. God Bless
DorothyVivian DorothyVivian 3 years
this was beautiful it made me cry ...god bless all you sick children I hope you all get well...we love you all god bless
AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 3 years
Amazing! No child should ever have to step foot in a hospital. Praying that one day kids will never have to feel the pain of a needle for treatment! Praying that all the kids around the world get better!
Jesenia89 Jesenia89 3 years
I'm crying, absolutely beautiful!!! God bless them all! stay strong and keep roaring!!
MichelleHart MichelleHart 3 years
Very touching, made me cry! These kids are true champions!! I too hope that all kids will be cancer free!!
DanielleMcGlennon DanielleMcGlennon 3 years
So beautiful! My heart goes out to ALL of them! This video made me cry tears of joy for these kids. I hope & pray that they are ALL cancer free VERY, VERY soon! No one should have to endure cancer, especially our little angel babies.
MiaBaker MiaBaker 3 years
So beautiful. Made me
AmandaClark97314 AmandaClark97314 3 years
Love love LOVE this! All those little champions - truly an inspiration
Renee-Bergeron-OLD Renee-Bergeron-OLD 3 years
As a mom who has spent many days and nights in the hospital with my toddler, I LOVE this!
michellecramer59635 michellecramer59635 3 years
Amazing! It brought tears to my eyes what an amazing message!
NurseMomma NurseMomma 3 years
I work for CHaD, thank you for sharing this video! It's an amazing place.
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