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Signs of Modern Moms

How to Identify a Modern Mom

Women aren't necessarily turning into their mothers these days! Here are 10 traits of a modern mom.

  1. Your Facebook profile pic is your child.
  2. You hear about the new Bugaboo Donkey and know it's a stroller, not an iPhone app.
  3. You're waiting in line for tickets to the latest cool kid act, not the next Scissor Sisters concert.
  4. You splurge on Stella McCartney duds for the kids, not date night.
  5. Your freezer is full of cubed purees, because you would never dare give your baby mass-produced baby food.

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  1. Your iPhone is filled with as many apps for your kids as it is for you.
  2. You and your tot wear matching beat-up Converse, only they're of the Dr. Seuss variety now.
  3. You buy eco-friendly cleaning products because you actually care.
  4. You've gone from hosting killer wine tastings to the hottest playdates in town (sometimes involving wine).
  5. You've traded your Prius for a "swagger wagon" and there's no shame in that.

What are other traits of a modern mom? Add them to our list in the comments below!

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savejesusbuddha savejesusbuddha 6 years
hmmm not a bad post. more creative than most i see here. i use the less toxic cleaning stuff for my family's health more than the environment. so not sure how that fits with 'because i care''
amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
I think this is a little silly. I just don't understand why anyone would splurge on designer baby clothes that the kids will grow out of quickly. My FB pic is of me, because my friends are interested in what I am doing, not just my kid. I waited in line for a CCR concert WITH my kid because I share good music with him. We still have friends over. We let the kids play the Wii and have my son's lego table in the living room. Most of our friends have kids. I actually traded the minivan for a fully loaded Charger. I know it's not exactly environmentally friendly, but it gets better mileage than the van, and Chargers have been my favorite since my Dad had a 67' when I was a kid(I know that's not exactly common or realistic, but it has a huge trunk and can fit 3 car seats with the LATCH system in the back!). I think most modern moms tend to be a little more realistic than this list.
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