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You Know You're Trying to Conceive When . . .

Aug 6 2014 - 6:35am

For some couples, it doesn't take much to get pregnant. They simply toss the birth control pills or condoms into the trash and hope for the best. But for others, trying to conceive is a bit more complicated. Many couples have to endure months — even years — of ovulation charts, vitamin regimes, and online forums with their own secret language. While it's all worth it in the end, you definitely do some crazy things to get there. Here, a sampling of signs that you or someone you know is trying to expand their family.

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You're having a lot of sex.

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But you're not necessarily enjoying it.

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You spend hours charting your basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and ovulation.

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You switch out your husband's briefs for something looser.

You know, to help his boys swim.

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Your medicine cabinet is filled with vitamins, folic acid, and other magic baby-making pills.

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You avoid alcohol, even though your desperately want it.

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You spend all your free time on TTC chat groups.

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You say things like BD, EWCM, and BBT, and no one understands you.

You aren't grossed out by the term "cervical mucus."

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You know which positions will help increase your pregnancy chances.

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You try really hard to relax.

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Which actually stresses you out more.

You schedule social events around your ovulation days.

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Every month, you pray that your period doesn't show up.

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When it does, you are completely heartbroken.

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But when you finally skip a month, you jump for joy!

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And when you take the test to confirm the news, you're even happier.

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Because, after all this time, your dream of a family is coming true.

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