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5 Sites and Services For Forgetful (aka Busy) Moms

Sep 25 2012 - 11:19am

Face it, ever since you had a kid, you just can't find the time to do the things you used to do. If only there were more hours in the day to knock a few more things off the to-do list or stores were open 24 hours a day so you could run out and buy birthday presents at 11 p.m. (when you remember there's a party this weekend). Luckily, fellow parents have been there before and know just want busy moms need, like these five sites and services that not only keep moms organized, but also help make life just a tad bit easier. Check them out!

Paperless Post

While some moms revel in planning their tots' birthday parties and begin planning a full year in advance (just take a spin on Pinterest to see how into it some mamas get), others simply don't. For those who let the date sneak up on them, there's Paperless Post [1]. One step up from a standard evite, the free website has a large (and growing) selection of kids' invites that look like letterpress-printed invitations only they are emailed directly to recipients so it looks like more time was spent putting it together than actually was. Best of all, when time is of the essence, the cards can be put together and sent out in mere minutes (for a fraction of the price of the ones your hyper-organized friends are putting in the mail).


Before kids, I used to be so organized. For every trip we planned, I would print out the confirmations, file them in color-coded file folders, and then grab the folder as we headed out the door. Now, I'm lucky to remember I actually have a trip planned. My savior is TripIt [2], a free app that automatically scans your email for travel confirmations and then organizes them by trip in the app. Now when I get to the airport, my confirmation numbers for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more are right at my fingertips — no more fumbling around when the kids are on the loose!


Babysitters you tend to schedule weeks (or months) in advance — even before you have plans. So when it's 3 p.m. on Saturday and you suddenly realize the sitter's coming in three hours and you haven't scheduled anything, OpenTable [3] makes it easy to snag a dinner reservation in minutes. The free app shows you which restaurants have open reservations at a specific time, saving time from calling around and hearing rejections all over. Best of all, when your friends ask where you're going, you sound like you've had it covered for weeks!

Amazon Prime

Sure, we all know Amazon as the online marketplace for virtually everything. But the site's Amazon Prime [4] service was practically designed for a busy mom. There was a bit of an uproar when the company did away with free prime shipping for moms last year, but for $79 each year, you get free two-day shipping on a huge selection of items — including toys, diapers, clothes, and more — meaning when you suddenly realize that you have birthday parties to attend this weekend, you can sit in your office (or on your computer while nursing at 2 a.m.) and still have presents in your hand in time for the parties.

Stub Hub

You may think of Stub Hub as the place where guys search for tickets to the next sporting event, but the company has really expanded since its founding 12 years ago. Now you can find everything from football and baseball tickets to theater and concert seats. But what will really make Stub Hub mama's best friend is its new mobile ticketing app [5] (free). Though currently only available for the San Francisco Giants, the company is expanding its service to include additional sports and concert venues.

So when your tot comes home from school complaining that her best friend is going to the Fresh Beat Band concert tonight and she's not, you can use the app to find tickets and then download them directly onto her phone so she doesn't have to print them out — she simply flashes her phone at the concert venue and gains entry to the event. Exactly what a busy, time-starved mom needs in her arsenal!

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